Monday, 20 October 2008

houston we have a problem

or should i say we did..a major one too.. our shop computer just decided to crash and burn, and for about 4 weeks we had nothing to play with, no images to manipulate, no e mails to answer and no idea what went wrong ?...hence why our little blog has been neglected ..sorry blog ? we bought a new all singing all dancing computer..transferred all the old data to it and here we are again..blogging.

so whilst the computer was away we sure did keep ourselves busy . it was our turn in the courtyard window so me and the boss got our thinking hats on and rustled up another masterpiece, this time based upon an old ABC chart that we found.

and using products from the shop we filled the little space with a full on visual feast...possibly our best one yet..we put black and white copies all over the walls and floors and used colourful bits to indicate a letter..

we love blogger

so some months back we jumped ship and left blogger for an apparent better place..but i say blurghhhhhhh to that as blogger rules and is easily the best place to blog...well in my opinion it we are back here after months of teething problems on another site...