Saturday, 31 July 2010

Bibs back in stock!

Beauty and the Bib back in stock! Pink and blue cupcakes, red and green apples and strawberrys. Perfect present for babies and toddlers, as you can see, they look so cute on! Come and see us in the shop or buy online!

Olive and Moss

Another delivery today, this time from Olive and Moss. Meet Collette the Cow, Perry the Panda, Micheal the Monkey, Margot the Mouse, Douglas the Dog, Bella the Bird, Herbie the Hedgehog, and Louis the Lion!

These cute characters are available in playsuits, top, trouser and hat sets, rattle toys, sleeping bags and new born sets. Find them in store and on our website. They make lovely gifts, my favourites are the Margot the Mouse toy and the Douglas the Dog playsuit, how about you?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Harry and Grace

Now available in store - Custom made named bunting! Remember i posted about some cute fabrics i had found a few weeks ago? Well this is what i have been making with them. The bunting costs £25, and is hand made by me! It can be personalised with babys name, and you can choose if you want a particular colour way or pattern on the fabric (i will do my best to hunt down any fabric!). Would make a lovely gift, not just for new babies, but also for toddlers, little ladies and little men. Check our website for lots more lovely gift ideas!


Good morning! Got into the shop this morning to find a great big stack of our lovely new stickers. We designed them to match the labels/ gift tags - simple but effective! We will use them to stick on bags, boxes and parcels (remember we sell online as well as in the shop, so if you order anything from our website you will get it in a lovely pink parcel with a brand new sticker on it!). Not the most exciting post, check back later for more!

Saturday, 24 July 2010


So, as you can see... we have pink Oops bibs back in stock (as well as blue ones, white ones and yellow ones!). Gayle must have been pretty busy yesterday as when i got into work there were sooo many babygrows and bibs for me to sew labels onto! As well as all the ones to put out on the shop floor and take to the market tommorow, there were some pretty amazing personalised ones too. If you have bought a personalised baby grow or bib from us, it would be great to see some photos - or feedback if it was a gift, what did the parents think?

Hello Red bear!

We also got another delivery on Thursday... a box full of bears! A Patrick (navy), a Dylan (brown), an Ella (light pink), a Benjamin (blue), and an Eve (dark pink). Also Red (who is red, obviously!) who is a new member to the Carry Me Home family! These lovely bears are hand made especially for Carry Me Home and are only available in our shop and on the website. Also available are Thomas (white) and Boo (yellow). Come in and say hello to see lots of other lovely toys in our shop!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

When your HAPPY and you know it clap your hands!

We had another delivery from Steven today - a box full of Happy Accidents. I think my favourite is the red and white diagonal stripy one - whats yours? Available in the shop and also in the website
Today we have been busy designing new posters, unpacking deliverys and eating cake. Gayle has been working on loads of new personalised baby grows, and i have been stuck on the tube!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Sweet tooth!

Hi, Rowenna here again! Me and Gayle both needed a bit of a sugary pick-me-up at work today so i popped round the corner to Mrs Kibbles sweet shop on brewer street for some treats! We have been busy re - designing stickers and chatting about the website today - what do you think of the new and improved sticker design?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Been Shopping!

I have been busy shopping for fabric over my last few days of, searching ebay, hunting around London and rummaging through my fabric box at home. Keep checking the blog to find out what im going to make to sell here at Carry Me Home with these lovely fabrics!

Even more dresses!

Stevens dresses are now available in 2 - 3 yrs, these arrived a few days ago. I actually sold 2 of them about 5 minutes ago, but though i would post the photos anyway, i love the fabrics so much! The gentleman who purchased the dresses (the pink one with swans, and the cupcakes) said he had been coming into the shop for about 2 years, and always buys these dresses for his girls. He wondered if we do them in 3 - 4 years (Steven, what do you think?!) as they wash so well, and his daughters love them. Steven left us a lovely thank you on his blog
...have a look!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Its Twins!

Here are some of the latest designs Gayle has personalised - both for twins, what a coincidence! Was thinking today just how many gifts we have that would be so cute for twins, boys or girls or one of each! Have a look on the website to see for yourself by clicking on the link over there, or check back tommorow for some pictures on the blog!

Look whats back in stock!

Heres a quick post to let everyone know that the 'Been inside for 9 months' grows are back in stock, as promised! We have them in 0 - 3 months, and 3 - 6 months, and in blue, black or pink. Available now in our shop, and coming soon on the Carry Me Home website. So if we promised you an email or phone call - speak to you soon! The slogans on these baby grows make them the perfect baby gift, they are so funny and cute!

Monday, 12 July 2010

New Dresses

Here are some of our most recent dresses from Steven, available in our shop. They are selling quickly though so hurry up! My absolute favourite one sold first thing on Sunday - I'm very pleased its gone to a good home, but also quite sad - i wanted it for myself! These dresses are available in 6 - 12 months and 1 - 2 years, we have lots of other patterns and colours as well so come and have a look! These dresses are also reversible - you get cute and colourful prints on one side, and pretty gingham on the other side - 2 dresses in 1! Out of these new ones, i think i like the cup cake one best, but i also love the bright yellow alphabet one, and the little birds are so cute...its no use i cant decide! Whats your favourite?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Rock Your Baby

Here are our recent additions to the shop, all from Rock Your Baby. My favourite is the stripy top with the doll face on, so cute! The blue tuxedo T shirt is also really growing on me. Gayle's favourite is 'Eternity' which is the stripy top with a blue bow, on the pocket it has 'Eternity' embroidered in gold. What's your favourite?

The pearl baby grow has been very popular so far, a few customers have even referred to it as Chanel for babies! In 0 - 3 months it comes as a little baby grow, and in the bigger sizes its a cute T shirt. All these tops are available from 0 -3 months right up to 2 - 3 years, but hurry up, they wont be around for long!

Monday, 5 July 2010


Hello, thought I should introduce myself, Im Rowenna, the 'new girl' at Carry Me Home. Heres a photo of our display downstairs in Kingly Court, which I helped Gayle with a few days ago. We are having a few issues with the internet in the shop at the moment, so sorry for the lack of posts recently! We got a delivery from Rock Your Baby on Friday, which was very exciting, will write more about it and show you some lovely pictures very soon!