Saturday, 26 May 2012

the sun has got his...Hawaiian play suit on! (for grazia night)

The sun is shining, everybody is out at the park, the lido, the zoo, eating ice creams and generally having fun...who saw this coming, weren't there hailstones last week?!

Well, we always like to be prepared here at Carry Me Home, and have added a whole wardrobe full of fantastic treats to our website, just in time for the sunshine. There are bright, fun baby grows like the rainbow braces (mork from mork and mindy anyone?) and fabulous ruffle-y play suits covered in a ladybirds and butterflies print, which keep little ones looking and feeling cool in the heat. 

But the most popular by far has to be this Hawaiian play suit baby grow. It's got everything going for it...100% cotton, retro print...perfect for sunny days in the playground! (and there's even a shirt version in bigger sizes).
Of course, nothing says summer (although apparently it's still technically spring?!) than a lovely little dress. Below are a few of our current favourites, like the little Russian dolls (very Tinker, Tailor) and the chick-chick-chick-chick-chickens. Effortless style in the sun, and when your ice cream melts on your clothes just turn your dress inside out and turn that frown upside down!
And finally...
just a quick reminder that this Thursday 31st May is the annual summer Grazia/ Carnaby shopping party. If you've not been before, it's a great night out; from 5-9pm shops (including Carry Me Home) open their doors and offer 20% off. There's a bar in Kingly Court, and free goodie bags on offer. If you have been before I'm sure you don't need any persuading to come along again! :)

Register for your FREE ticket right here.
So, fingers crossed the weather lasts, and the sun keeps his Hawaiian play suit on! Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday! x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Seeing Double

As our facebook fans will know, we discovered this gem of a video on youtube today, which showcases some amazing twin sharing (super cute!).

Watching this got us all teary-eyed, but it also made us think of all of the perfect gifts for twins that we have in our Kingly Court baby boutique, and online.

 Like these fabulous Happy Accident Toys, who just like twins are similar but very different all at the same time.

Or how about one of our own designs, like the ever popular Cheeky Little Monkey or A Star is Born? You could even personalise them to make them that little bit more extra special. 
And for those special occassions, you really can't go wrong with a fantastic tuxedo baby grow or pearls dress. These have both proved so popular for weddings, we've got a pretty impressive waiting list for the black version of the tux!

Of course you don't have to be a twin to enjoy any of these things, but they do look super cute in pairs, and might solve any sharing issues that arise! ;)