Saturday, 20 October 2012

rocking all over the world

Here at Carry Me Home we've always had a thing for rock n' roll baby clothes (and toys, bibs, rattles, you name it!). We believe that just because you're small, doesn't mean you're not ultimately a cool, rockin' baby.

And this autumn we've made no exceptions, bringing you some great new clothes and designs (mixed in with some old favourites) for little rockers everywhere.

And we mean everywhere...
Because not only do we have a tradition of loving and selling the coolest, hippest baby clothes around, we've also always been a popular destination for tourists, holiday makers, business people...Carry Me Home has travelled.

In the last few weeks I've had a lady from New York telling me that if Carry Me Home went stateside we'd have queues around the block, and a man from Kuwait, where apparently the shop is famous!

One of our biggest travellers is the classic Rock Baby baby grow (and t-shirt). We've sold lots of these to people who've been visiting London from all over the globe, and also from online customers. This baby has gone far! 

I wonder where some of our brand new rocking outfits will end up calling home?...
I sold one of these I Rock baby grows to a lovely couple visiting from France. They were about to become grandparents. They were so happy and so excited!
Wherever baby lives, they're sure to love mum and dad :)
 These kids rock, all over the world!
If you're one of our overseas customers we'd love to know where Carry Me Home has travelled, so please do get in touch on our facebook or twitter pages. And for all of our home UK customers, we love you just the same :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

days of the week

It all started with a Friday Frill

Then, we had a Saturday Superhero...

And then, we thought why not have a Carry Me Home week?!

Because it's that time of year, when it's getting colder, and we're all catching colds, and it's too far to Christmas to get excited, but we want to be excited about something. So why not Carry Me Home week, where everyday is marked by a special little friend, item of clothing, room decoration or general object of loveliness.

And this is what we bring you...

 Monday- Margot Mouse. Banishing those blue Mondays away with her shy little smile, we're all happy to start the week with this little friend :)
Tuesday- Red Cord Trousers. Brighten up your Autumnal outfit with some brilliant red cords. Comfy, warm and very very fun.
Wednesday-Wallchart (available in pink, cream and blue). Because learning is fun, especially mid-week Wednesday learning.
Thursday- denim tunic. Comfortable, stylish, effortless (looks great with some giraffe tights). Ready for a Thursday play date
Friday- Fox jumper. Because it's nearly the weekend, and fun is to be had, mischief to be made. Friday is Fox day.
Saturday- Stars. Yay it's the weekend! Visiting grandparents? Going to birthday parties? Or just hanging out with mum and dad. Prove to everyone what a little super-star you are.
Sunday- stripes. It's been a busy week. Relax and kick back in some stripes. If you're feeling sleepy and have managed to get all your milk down you, no one will notice!
and if you're feeling confused about this whole days of the week thing, never fear...
EVERYDAY IS A DRESS DAY!!! (especially when they're reversible like these lovelies, you can wear them all week long!)