Sunday, 28 March 2010

look at these

hello,Steven here. look at these lovely dresses we now have in the shop, the shapes are simple but the fabrics are too cute. whoever made them, must be super talented and quite attractive to look at with a perky wit and a snappy way with words.. yeah OK so i made them.. and what fun i had doing so, recently i have discovered some amazing places to find fabrics, and these are such ones that i found and had to buy.they are all reversible and have a contrasting gingham lining, all have french seams and are double hemmed so no unsightly over locked edges..all the dresses are either 6-12 months or 1-2 yrs in size, if you see one you like but not in the right size for you, just drop us a line and we will see what we can do.hope you agree that these really are brilliant, i love making them, but like selling themk better.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

i love this week

hello, steven here.i just walked around the shop and thought how lovely it was all looking, it always does but sometimes it hits me unexpectedly, and as i was muttering, "i like you" and "oh you are nice" to things... (yes i talk to the products sometimes ?) i thought id share on here 5 of my favorite things.

this goldfish is such a lovely gift, it glows up when placed in water.

if i ever had a baby girl i would buy her a dresses like this, the shape is classic and simple but the fabrics are beautiful.

and i certainly know a few yummy mummies so this handmade brooch is perfect.
and in the shop we have some really lovely toys, and this little lady is one of the cutest,

and one of our best selling collections is always on my favorite list, and this babygrow is up there as a best seller.
for these and more favorites from carry me home, see our website , and make a list of your own.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

meet benjamin

meet Benjamin, our newest addition to the limited edition bear family we have here at carry me home, in the softest towelling and with an embroidered heart upon his foot.. or is it paw ? he is ready for a loving home and a new long life.