Saturday, 18 February 2012

spot the dot

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the 'Yayoi Kusama' exhibition that's currently on at the Tate Modern. For those of you hadn't heard of her before (I hadn't either!), she's one of Japan's best-known living artists. Now in her 80s, Kusama has worked obsessively for nearly 70 years, developing an extensive body of work including painting, sculpture, drawing, collage and installations. There are several recurring themes in her work, most memorable (for me at least) is her tendency to cover everything in spots!

It was incredibly busy at the exhibition due to half term, but I guess that just goes to prove how popular an exhibition it is for children too. The real highlights were two installation rooms, one where everyday objects are covered in glow-in-the-dark spots, and another with mirrored walls and little coloured balls of light that reflect everywhere. They're both a bit crazy but incredibly beautiful, much like the artist herself!

I think I'm still very much seeing spots, because I suddenly realised all of the lovely spotty dotty things we have on sale in the shop and online at the moment.

Whether it's a lovely My Happy Accident toy or dress (all of the Happy Accident and Minimod dresses are reversible, many with a spotty lining!), an organic cotton Fozia baby grow or some wild giraffe print tights, there are spots to cater for any taste!

So why not put on your best spotty outfit and head down to the exhibition, we're sure you'll be dotty about it!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

be our valentine!

Just incase it had slipped anybody's's valentine's day next tuesday!

But don't panic, there's still time to get any cards, gifts, flowers etc. for your loved ones.

And don't forget the little ones, show them the love with one of our cute carry me home baby grows or bibs (maybe 'it started with a kiss' or 'i love chocolate, so does my mum'?). For those cool customers how about a rockin' tattoo style 'love' t-shirt. For that extra special treat, what about Boo the carrymehome bear? There's even a love heart on Boo's foot...we challenge anyone not to fall in love with Boo the bear!

Everything's available online, or at our lovely boutique in Kingly Court.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

something a little bit special :)

This morning we got a lovely email thanking us for a customised baby grow order we recently made. 'Worth the wait' looked perfect in gold writing with a pretty silver star (although I did get slightly confused on the phone with 'worth the wait/ weight in gold'!) and it was certainly well received...

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for our gorgeous Baby Gro we received today in the post. Its totally perfect and we can't wait to see our new arrival in it!" lovely is that?

It's always so nice to hear when someone loves their new and unique carry me home gift. Below is a little showcase compiling some of the customised orders we've had recently. Often people get inspiration by looking at our existing designs (online and in the shop) and adapting them. No ask is too big or small and we're always happy to help you decide on what to say, what colours to pick or what pictures to have. We know how special every new little arrival is, and how wonderful it is to have something unique and personal that baby, mum and dad can keep and cherish for years to come.

I feel all warm and happy now, so thank you back for our lovely thank you, and if anyone has any pictures of their little ones in a carrymehome baby grow, hat, bib, dress, t-shirt...we'd love to see them! x