Saturday, 28 August 2010


These lovely gifts arrived yesterday, from 'Love and Patience'. They make a lovely present for a new baby, a christening or first birthday, or just to let someone know how much you love them! They are available for mums and dads too. Made from sterling silver, they are the perfect little keepsake "A simple gift that says so much more". Inside, the card reads...

"Your story has only just begun...

You'll make us laugh,
you'll make us cry,
you'll smile,
you'll stumble,
you'll fall,
you'll succeed...

...but most of all, you're priceless"

Gayle says she cant read the message in the card for children without welling up! Lots of our customers are looking for a really special gift for babies, not just a cute dress or lovely toy, but something for the child to treasure and hold on to for years...i think this is just right!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Strawberries and kittens...

Heres the girls cushions i promised i would make...kittens and strawberries (2 of my favourite things!). The vintage looking kitten cushion is so cute - i want to keep it! It has lovely pink and white polka dot back. The strawberries cushion has red gingham on the back - and it goes perfectly with our strawberry bib, what a lovely gift! Available in our shop in Kingly Court, or check the website for lots of other nice gifts!

Elephants, angels and moons...

We had a huge delivery of these lovely mobiles during the pleased because i want one for myself! Just have to decide which one now! Anyway, these come as mobiles, with 3 lights on, or as single lights. The single ones are priced at only £9.50 which makes them a lovely little treat for someone (or yourself!)! The colours slowly change, and the lights are bright enough to check on baby without switching the big lights on and waking them. Available on our website and in our shop!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Outfit of the week - boys

Heres the boys outfit for this week - one of Gayles lovely baby grows, "Love Me Hug Me Kiss Me Feed Me" - what else could you need? Its the perfect match for these stripy trousers (part of set). And since its starting to get a bit chilly in London, ive put a cute little stripy knitted hat with the outfit. Lovely cream and blue (although we have lots of other colours - ask in store). Remember Gayle personalises the baby grows so you can have anything you like (within reason!) written on one. I love the multicoloured writing on this one. Better go - ive got a que forming in the shop!

Outfit idea of the week - girls

Sunday again already! We have had a really busy weekend - its gone by so quickly! So heres the outfit of the week for little girls. An adorable t shirt, "Isnt she a bit like you and me", its so sweet! This is my favourite colour way, clashing pink and red but we also have this top in lots of other colours and sizes. It matches perfectly with these lovely apple socks from Oobi (available in 1-2 yrs and 3-5 yrs). Have paired the t shirt and socks up with some lovely 'ruffle bum ' leggings - how cute is the detail on the back?! Quite a simple, grown up look today i think. Check our website to purchase any of these items, or call in to the shop to see us!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wow its been a busy day! Heres a little collage of some of our cutest customers! We love it when we get pictures of happy customers, it makes our day :)

Check our website and our facebook page for more little cuties, and to buy some of the lovely things in these pictures!

Anyway, im off to tend to the customers in the shop, and to think about whats going to be outfit of the week tomorrow...

Boo Boo - Perfectly Natural Pampering

I posted recently about the lovely Boo Boo products we have in stock quite recently...but now we have even more! There was a delivery during the week of the "Luxury Mummy Spa Kit" (which contains some "Super stretchy miracle oil", a massive bottle of "Mummy silky soft body wash" and some "Bosom buddy - for a perkier pair") - me and Gayle wondered if we could do with some of these products ourselves! We also got "My Little Box of Boo Boos" which is just for babies - it has miniature bottles of "Soft and splashy bubbles", "Kind and creamy baby lotion" and "Very gentle top to toe wash", and also a little pot of the amazing "Baby soothing bottom butter". The little box is so cute, and priced at only £14.95, its the perfect little treat for a new baby. Check our website for Boo Boo products and lots of other lovely things!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Apples and Aeroplanes!

Have been busy since the weekend making these lovely (if i do say so myself!) cushion covers. Just boys ones at the moment - girls ones will be coming this time next week. The Aeroplane cushion is red on the other side, and the apple cushion has blue, green and white strieps on the other side. Available in our shop in Kingly Court. Any suggestions for the girls cushions? Im thinking cupcakes for one, and maybe red apples for the other. Excited to go fabric shopping on monday!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What i love about London...

...Is that you can walk down the same street 100 times, and still see something you havnt noticed before! I walk up and down Kingly Street almost every single day, and only noticed these lovely (if slightly creepy!) faces on the side of Liberties a few days ago!

You may be wondering what on earth a beatles t shirt has to do with walking down Kingly Street, or Liberties. You be starting to think i have gone quite mad. Well, i just popped out to the corner shop for some juice and saw a Tour Guide standing with lots of tourists just outside Kingly Court. Of course i stopped to listen for a minute (whilst pretending i had lost something in my bag) and i overheard that Paul McCartney was a regular at a club on Kingly Street - he had his own table their and its where he first met Linda McCartney. You learn something new everyday. Anyway, we only have 2 of these Beatles t shirts left, in 2-3 yrs, check our website or pop in and see us!

It started with a kiss x

Gayle's been busy making lots of lovely babygrows recently, and has done our popular 'Munchkin' design in some different colours - it looks so cute in pink and blue, and the pink has been selling especially well. 'The perfect package' is a design i havnt seen before, it looks lovely in cream on white - perfect if your not sure what your having yet! And my favourite- im sure i have posted about it before but i love it so much, 'It started with a kiss'. Its super cheeky, but really romantic at the same time! You can but all of Gayle's designs in the shop, and on the website, and also at Spitalfields on a Sunday. They come in 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months, and we also have some t shirts in bigger sizes. We do a lovely gift set too - a baby grow, with a matching hat and a little oops bib, all packaged up in a lovely gift box. Its the perfect gift for a new baby. You can choose from any of our designs, and you can even get it personalised! Babys name, or date of birth is popular but Gayle can do almost anything! Come in and see us, or have a look on our website if you want something personalised - or you could give us a call or an email if you want some help deciding on a personalised message!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Outfit of the week!

Wow the weeks gone quick - time for outfit of the week again already! So we've gone for a matchy matchy look this week. For the girls we chose the Margot and Mo range from Olive and Moss. Cute long legged baby grow with a placement print of the 2 mouse friends on the front, and a fab sleeping bag (also available for boys with Leo the Lion on) with a repeat of the mice. Also some cute frilly pink socks (part of set) and a Margot the mouse toy. This toy is great, i really want one for myself! Not only is it a normal rattle, but it has amazing crinkly ears too! The sleeping bag and grow are 0 - 6 months, and the socks are 0 - 12, so this would make a great gift for a new baby, its something they will get lots of use from and it will fit them for a long time too! And once they have outgrown the clothes, they will still have the cute mouse toy, and the lovely gift box the socks come in!

For the boys, its another matching look, again from Olive and Moss. Meet Micheal the Monkey. Love this little set, its so functional looks really cute worn all together but the trousers go with lots of other things too, and the top would look great with little jeans. And surely that hat goes with everything! This is in 1 - 2 yrs, but these sets also come in 0 - 6 months, and 6 - 12 months (they also come in pink with Colette the Cow for girls, and red with Perry the Panda for boys and girls!). The navy stripes on the trousers and hat mean that Patrick the bear matches perfectly - remember you wont find Patrick (or any of our other bears) anywhere else - completely exclusive to Carry Me Home! Check our website or pop into the shop in Kingly Court for more outfit ideas!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Yummy Mummies

So not only do we have lots of lovely things for little men and little ladies...we also have a few nice things for yummy mummies! These hand made brooches by Hetty and Dave are made from the softest leather, and are beautifully sewn. Im rather fond of 'The apple of my eye' brooch, but the 'yummy mummy' one is also lovely.

These box sets by Boo Boo make a lovely present for new mums, the 'Mummy and me kit' is especially cute. Its bursting full of miniatures, including 'Splendidly soothing bath soak' and 'Super stretchy miracle oil' for mummy, and 'Very gentle top-to-toe wash', 'Kind and creamy baby lotion' and 'Soothing bottom butter' for baby. I have been personally told that Boo Boo's bottom butter is the best there is! In the 'Congratulations mummy kit' comes some 'Splendidly soothing bath soak', some 'Super stretchy miracle oil' (apparently its amazing!) and a massive tub of 'Soft and creamy body smoother'. All of the products are 100% natural and they smell so yummy too! Available on store and online. Why not treat a yummy mummy you know?


This arrived last week... was going to wait until closer to winter to post about it but it feels like winter today anyway ( weather wise that is - its been raining cats and dogs all day!) so here you are! White long sleeved and long leg babygrow. From the front it looks like a normal, sweet little grow... then you see the back! Come and have a look how cute this is in our shop, or have a look on our website for lots of other lovely babygrows!

One very happy customer!

As Gayle mentioned on our Facebook page, we had a very happy customer yesterday! Had to share the photo here as well, shes so cute! Check our website for lots more cute things!

Monday, 9 August 2010

All the Fun of the Fair... a cute little shop next door to Carry Me Home in Kingly Court. They sell everything from wool to vintage brooches, shopping bags to ribbon! I could go on! Popped over for a quick chat today and met Daniella, who owns Acorn and Will. All the Fun of the Fair recently started stocking her stuff, and she works their sometimes too. Anyway, Daniella has a passion for vintage accessories and quirky finds...and so do i! I want to buy one of everything (i settled for a cute lilac plastic hair clip...for now), and bet that you will too! I really really love the swallow brooches and the little fabric hair slides....ok i just love everything! Why not pop in and treat yourself to a little something, after you've been into Carry Me Home for a treat for your little one?

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Outfit of the week!

I had so much fun putting outfits together last Sunday that i have decided to make 'outfit of the week' a regular feature! Every Sunday i will post an outfit for boys, and an outfit for girls. Let us know what you think!

This week for the girls... a beautiful dress for your little princesses, hand made with cute buttons at the back, and this gorgeous gathered detail. Also comes with really cute knickers to go over a nappy! This dress is our last one, and is a size 6-12 months. Would look so cute with some little socks like this (available in store and on our website in pink, red or black). I have also matched the dress with this super soft red blanket (to match the socks of course) and the extra cute "Boo Bear Bailey". A lovely outfit for a summers day!

And for the boys... New in is our popular 'tuxedo', now with longer sleeves. Worn with red and white stripy trousers (part of set) and a little white and red 'oops' bib just in case! The top is available in store and on our website, available for 6-12 months right up to 2-3 years. This outfit looks extra cool when worn with 'The Rebel' - the awesome polkadot guitar toy! Perfect for budding rockstars!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

oooh special offer!

This cute little Fozia dress - down from £22.50 to only £16.50! We only have a few left though so hurry up to Kingly Court to see this and lots of other lovely things! This little dress is available in 3 - 6 months or 6 - 12 months and looks so cute with one of our 'oops' bibs and some bright tights or leggings. Its also Fairtrade, and made from 100% organic cotton. Navy, covered in white polkadots with ruching detail and sweet little patch pockets. Check our website for more lovely things - remember you can buy online!

What i did on my day off...

On Thursday me (and my boyfriend) had a very rare day of together, so we went to the 'Enchanted Palace' exhibition, at Kensington Palace. It was really good, would recommend it if your interested in princesses, fashion or anything slightly surreal. If you have a little princess of your own, you should definetly take her for a day out there (and then show her our website)! Unfortunately they wouldnt let me take any photos to show you, but after we had finished looking around the palace we had a wander around the Kensington gardens and Hyde park, and i had fun speaking to all the different birds and squirrels. Saw this teeny tiny little robin, and also the most chilled out pigeons in London and i thought i would share them with you! Oh and of course the day ended with some yummy cake!

Been Inside for 9 Months

I promised a few customers i would do a post as soon as we got the 'Been Inside for 9 Month's back in stock, and here they are...this time with long sleeves and legs for winter - i think they're even cuter! Available in black, pink or blue and in 0 - 3 or 3 - 6 months, in store and on the website.

Anyway, Gayles left me over 30 grows and bibs to sew labels into so better go and get on with it!

Im working tomorrow and Monday so there will be some more exciting posts coming soon!


Another delivery of lovely dresses sometime this week (while i was enjoying a few days off looking round exhibitions and drinknig lots of tea) - we've got the icecream sundae one back! Still my favourite. Also love love love the vintage nursery rhymes one! Anyway the dresses are available in 6 - 12 months, 1 - 2 yrs and 2 - 3 yrs, check the website to see whats available!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Rock Your Baby

Heres some more... As i said earlier we got some old favourites back in stock - like the Doll Face t shirt, and the Tuxedo top (but this time it comes with long sleeves, which makes it extra smart!), also some cute little red trousers, and my absoloute favourite - 'Mummy and Daddy Forever", its so soft and the coluors are gorgeous. We only got 2 of them in though so if you want one, hurry up! Anyways, im off its 7 and time for me to brave the Victoria Line!