Saturday, 14 August 2010

Yummy Mummies

So not only do we have lots of lovely things for little men and little ladies...we also have a few nice things for yummy mummies! These hand made brooches by Hetty and Dave are made from the softest leather, and are beautifully sewn. Im rather fond of 'The apple of my eye' brooch, but the 'yummy mummy' one is also lovely.

These box sets by Boo Boo make a lovely present for new mums, the 'Mummy and me kit' is especially cute. Its bursting full of miniatures, including 'Splendidly soothing bath soak' and 'Super stretchy miracle oil' for mummy, and 'Very gentle top-to-toe wash', 'Kind and creamy baby lotion' and 'Soothing bottom butter' for baby. I have been personally told that Boo Boo's bottom butter is the best there is! In the 'Congratulations mummy kit' comes some 'Splendidly soothing bath soak', some 'Super stretchy miracle oil' (apparently its amazing!) and a massive tub of 'Soft and creamy body smoother'. All of the products are 100% natural and they smell so yummy too! Available on store and online. Why not treat a yummy mummy you know?

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