Wednesday, 16 June 2010


When we got a new member to our bear family recently, we spent ages deciding what name suited him best , and which name would fit with the rest of our bear family,
After a morning of thinking ,( its very important you know, naming a bear : )
we decided on Dylan,and to celebrate this new arrival,I decided to find another Dylan ,who would cuddle and squeeze him and love him for life...
So on our last carry me home newsletter, I asked all of our subscribers if any of them had a little Dylan of there own and I would send them our Dylan,
A few hours later, a got a lovely email from Nicky in gateshead who had a little boy named Dylan ,who apparently loves bears . Great a perfect match.
We sent him off to his new home. and I asked Nicky to send us a picture of the 2 Dylan's together..this morning in my email box was this lovely picture,don't they look lovely together, 2 cuties :) apparently he's now a the favorite it
thanks so much Nicky for sending us the lovely picture..

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