Thursday, 23 August 2012

soho arts fair

Ok, it's Thursday. The inevitable day when that familiar topic is raised...
"So, what are you doing this weekend?"

If you're still not sure what you'll be up to, we've got a rather excellent suggestion for you, especially if you're interested in fashion, dance, painting, drama, mosaics, ceramics, photography and...Soho.

This Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August marks the inaugural Soho Arts Fair, and it's being held right here in our very own Kingly Court!


The Soho Arts Fair  will be a magnificent showcase of young British artistic talent taking place right in the heart of London’s West End. The event is founded by the Art Alive charity, which is based here in Kingly Court (they're Carry Me Home's neighbours!). Their aim is to help children, adolescents and young adults to realise their potential and find their place in society through the use of art.

You can watch a video all about it here:

There will be a number of activities starting from 12pm each day, including free running by Parkour Generations, mosaic and ceramics, photography, dance and drama, street artists and a youth choir. And all events are free!

While you're in Kingly Court enjoying the Soho Arts Fair do pop up and say hello to us here in Carry Me Home, we'd love to see you all down here enjoying and supporting such a worthwhile, fun and creative event.

These cheeky little monkeys are so excited about the Soho Arts Fair, they won't let go of the flyer! Only one more sleep to go, see you all there! :)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

a bib for all seasons

bib. el babero. bavaglino. bavoir. latz

Whatever you call it, they exist in all languages and they're a universal baby gift.
In English, the word 'bib' dates back to 1580, with the word having Latin origins from the word bibere, because it soaked up spills, so it looks like a bib has been the number one baby gift for a while now :)

They're great because they can be worn over clothes, so go with a multitude of outfits, and make even the plainest baby grow more exciting. They're practical and useful. They don't break the bank. 
It's the thoughtful present that doesn't require much thought at all! 

Here at Carry Me Home we sell a nice variety of bibs, from the big, bright, colourful beauty and the bib strawberry, apple and cupcake, to the Carry Me Home favourites, the 'I Love Chocolate, So Does My Mum' and the classic 'Oops' bibs.


We think the loveliness of our bibs speak for themselves. Look at how perfect the pink cupcake bib goes with the cupcake Happy Accidents dress, a match made in heaven!

The chocolate bib is a firm favourite, there are a lot of mums out there who love chocolate (we can think of a few!) and, when they're personalised, they become even more special gifts. 

So pop on a bib and get munching, slurping, stuffing your face full of goodies, because it really is the baby gift that has everything!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

play date

Sometimes, when you least expect it, the Great British weather comes up trumps. It has been lovely having some sunshine for the end of the Olympics, and we're hoping that it lasts all the way through to the Paralympics and beyond!

Because, let's not forget, it is the summer holidays, so it's the perfect time to meet up with friends, go to the park, the pool, the zoo, have a picnic, have an ice cream...have a play date!

And what better outfit could there be for a fun summer play date than a cool summer playsuit? By definition, they're designed for play and to have fun in, especially in the summer months. Carry Me Home are big fans, mainly because play suits always come in soft, cooling, easy to wear cotton, and always with a happy summer prints. They've been incredibly popular in the shop as well, as babies everywhere rejoice the arrival of summer and go out to play!

Below are a few snaps of some of our faves, including the super sweet hawaiian playsuit, and the ruffly cuteness that is the pansy playsuit. The bamboo playsuit combines a bang-on-trend tie-dye print with some serious green, ethical dye production methods, and has just been added to the website too!

Look at these happy Carry Me Homers enjoying their recent play date, hanging out on the grass in the shop window. We can see you smiling Patrick bear, and what about the couple of cheeky Happy Accidents? Having fun with your friends, looking and staying cool,  that's what a play date (and a playsuit!) is all about! (And that lot have certainly achieved it!)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

team gb

 I don't know about you, but here at Carry Me Home, we are in the midst of an Olympic fever!

It's probably because our lovely little shop is located in the heart of Central London, but it seems like every customer we meet is heading to the games, or has a new bit of Olympic news to share, which just makes the whole thing even more exciting!

Of course, we're a little bit biased toward team GB, who as we type are currently third in the medal table. What an amazing achievement this games has been for all of our Olympians!

We thought we'd champion our own team GB right here in the shop, by which I mean showcase some of our products that were 
designed and made right here in Great Britain...

 1. 'Rock Baby' baby grow
All of our Carry Me Home own label baby grows, hats, t-shirts and bibs are made from 100% cotton and manufactured in the UK. The designs are all lovingly made right here in Carry Me Home HQ in Kingly Court, London. And 'Rock Baby' has a union jack design as well, super patriotic :)

2. Thomas Bear
Thomas is just one of the fabulous Carry Me Home bears, which are limited edition, hand made in Yorkshire and come with a special personalised tag. A more special baby gift you could not hope to find.

3. Beau Loves Stripe Playsuit
All 'Beau Loves' garments are manufactured (with love) in the UK. This stripe playsuit is especially cute now that summer has arrived (and no-one can resist the tiny pockets on the bum, they're adorable!)

4. Happy Accidents Dress
Happy Accident dresses, toys and bunting are all handmade by one of our very favourite people, Steven. Now based up North, we are always excited to get a parcel in the post containing a riot of fabrics, colours and prints, lovingly crafted together to create one-off special garments, toys and decorations.

5. Arty and Bella
Handmade in London, Arty and Bella create the sweetest little hair accessories. Simple, cute and beautiful.

So, those are our 5 members of Carry Me Home team GB. Are there any of your favourite Carry Me Home items that we've failed to add? Which item should win a gold medal for cuteness? Do let us know on facebook or twitter, and enjoy the rest of the games :)