Sunday, 19 August 2012

a bib for all seasons

bib. el babero. bavaglino. bavoir. latz

Whatever you call it, they exist in all languages and they're a universal baby gift.
In English, the word 'bib' dates back to 1580, with the word having Latin origins from the word bibere, because it soaked up spills, so it looks like a bib has been the number one baby gift for a while now :)

They're great because they can be worn over clothes, so go with a multitude of outfits, and make even the plainest baby grow more exciting. They're practical and useful. They don't break the bank. 
It's the thoughtful present that doesn't require much thought at all! 

Here at Carry Me Home we sell a nice variety of bibs, from the big, bright, colourful beauty and the bib strawberry, apple and cupcake, to the Carry Me Home favourites, the 'I Love Chocolate, So Does My Mum' and the classic 'Oops' bibs.


We think the loveliness of our bibs speak for themselves. Look at how perfect the pink cupcake bib goes with the cupcake Happy Accidents dress, a match made in heaven!

The chocolate bib is a firm favourite, there are a lot of mums out there who love chocolate (we can think of a few!) and, when they're personalised, they become even more special gifts. 

So pop on a bib and get munching, slurping, stuffing your face full of goodies, because it really is the baby gift that has everything!


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