Wednesday, 26 March 2008

fun in the window

so yesterday me and Gayle...also known as the boss, decided we needed a new window display to promote all the new goodies we have in the shop..we had the lovely idea of a rainbow effect using lots of ribbons, and hanging in the window one of our new dresses that has butterflies on it...and then Gayle would draw onto the glass more butterflies...well all was going very well until we had a momentary fit of giggles as we threw up into the air all the ribbons..just in for the aim of getting a good picture...and i think you will agree...we did that alright..

so after we stopped pretending to be rhythmic gymnasts we finished up and debated for a while if the rainbow arch was wonky or not....and then i used my engineering skills to suspend the dress whilst the boss got out her pens and drew all over the windows...guess who will be cleaning that off in a few weeks time ?...anyway i hope you agree we ended up with a lovely if your around our way come in and see whats new..the shop is looking more colourful than ever...

Thursday, 20 March 2008

my favorite thing..

I have so many things in my shop,but sometimes something will arrive,and I have to try really hard not to pop it straight in to my bag.
At the moment my favorite thing is this little cat, I can't really explain why, but when you hold him in your hand he just seems to fit,nice and snug, although I have a childrens shop I can tell you that alot of my toys are never seen by children,as there snapped up by adults,they can't explain why they just have to have them .
This little cat is handmade,and there's only one of him,he's looking for a good home that will love him as much as we do , If you think that's you ,drop us a line

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

brand spanking new stuff in the shop

so the last few weeks have seen more and more new stock arriving at the shop..and with us having hardly any storage space, we have to find new and ingenious ways of displaying it all and hiding it in the back out of sight..but just look at whats new in carry me home ...

these fab ABC wall charts just made us smile as soon as we saw them and we knew they would look lovely in the shop...and they do, coming in pink or blue they are a lovely way to learn..and they are only £15.00...get them here if you want one..

and also we have got some fantastic new 3 piece sets from Olive & Moss, and with such excellent names such as perry the panda and Louis the lion and Michael the monkey...who could resist..they are on the website too, already in the shop they are proving to be very popular.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

some of our etsy faves

Friday, 7 March 2008

new and improved etsy shop

so we have had an etsy shop for a while now, long before this blog was born, and between me and you its been put on the back burner while we get the all new sparkly all singing all dancing website up and running...and if you have ever built a website then you know how long all that takes....but finally we have updated the etsy shop with things you wont find on the main web shop, things that are made just for etsy, and things we want to try before putting them in the big you know what to do...get shopping...

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

we eat bogies

Erm, well OK we don't really, because we are fully grown up adults, but kids just love em...dont they ?..and this t shirt proves it, this is one of a range from a collection i designed with my friend tom, they are for sale here in the shop and some of them are on the website
each t shirt has a secret hidden message that the wearer can flash at their own discretion, more often than not provoking a chuckle along the way.