Wednesday, 26 March 2008

fun in the window

so yesterday me and Gayle...also known as the boss, decided we needed a new window display to promote all the new goodies we have in the shop..we had the lovely idea of a rainbow effect using lots of ribbons, and hanging in the window one of our new dresses that has butterflies on it...and then Gayle would draw onto the glass more butterflies...well all was going very well until we had a momentary fit of giggles as we threw up into the air all the ribbons..just in for the aim of getting a good picture...and i think you will agree...we did that alright..

so after we stopped pretending to be rhythmic gymnasts we finished up and debated for a while if the rainbow arch was wonky or not....and then i used my engineering skills to suspend the dress whilst the boss got out her pens and drew all over the windows...guess who will be cleaning that off in a few weeks time ?...anyway i hope you agree we ended up with a lovely if your around our way come in and see whats new..the shop is looking more colourful than ever...

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