Friday, 29 February 2008

we are a toy box..

so yeah we sell fab clothes for cool kids, but give them a toy to play with and they will be happy for ever..and here in carry me home we have toys that are more than just a throw-away 5 minute fun thing, many of what we sell are one of a kind, handmade future heirlooms that are only available here in our little box of delights.

from knitted cake rattles to spotty fair trade cats and little ribbon haired happy accidents, we have many different styles to suit all demands and guaranteed to spark off a childs imagination.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

baby jasmine

so we received the best e-mail today that made us smile a happy smile. we always tell our customers to send us some pictures of their baby wearing our clothes but sadly not many do...but today one very happy customer sent us these brilliant pictures of his new daughter jasmine, and what a beauty she is...don't you agree ?

so you now know what to do..and that is get your cameras out and get snapping , and your little poser could be here on our blog, these pics are destined for our website where I'm sure she will cause a flurry of orders... thanks wear them so well.

Monday, 25 February 2008

my neighbour ..

I'm so lucky to have my shop in the heart of London , and am therefore surrounded by things most fabulous.. this is a picture of my glamorous neighbour jewellery designer and owner of Black pearl, Fiona Deffenbaugh,she is has the retro pin up girl look down to a fine art , and often puts us all to shame with her effortless glamour,how she finds the time while running her little empire is beyond me.

Step in to her shop, which is decked out like the inside of a Hawaiian hut, bamboo roof and all, not only will you find Fiona's jewellery designs, but pencil skirts,corsets,(which can be made to order)lingerie,vintage clothing and even some nipple tassels.The reason for my blog though ,get to the point gayle, is that last Thursday Fiona held a Luau in her shop , with punch that had a serious kick,flower garlands, umbrellas,and a burlesque performance! all in her little shop,it was an opportunity for her to show off some of her new collection and spread a little sunshine during the miserable month of February.Fiona tells me that she hope's to do this once a month, so next time you could come to join us, join the black pearl mailing list at her website see you soon happy Luau ! gayle xx

Friday, 22 February 2008

words words words

hello, Steven here with more images of the stuff we do here at carry me home, Gayle started the business doing slogans onto mainly adult clothes, but eventually found that slogans suited kids things so much better, and these collages show some of the ones that are firm favorites in the shop and online.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

what lovely stuff

its monkey no 1 here, Steven, and i just wanted to continue to show what we have here at carry me home and give you guys a feel for what we like. the shop and website is constantly changing as new stock arrives and current stock sells. these couple of collages are just a quick example of what we have at the moment.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Now it's really me ..

Hi there, So no.1 monkey boy Steven is really the one that does all this techno computer stuff ,My Brain doesn't seem to like it . So it's him that usually writes all the blurb about carry me home , but thought it was time I should join in ..
what to say really on my first blog ,,
I'm quite excited this week as I have a new girl Sarah starting,she's going to be doing my stall at London's Spitalfields market.I've had
the stall for about 5 years so thought it was time to let someone else have a go for me , Whoo - ee I get to have Sundays off . what shall i do ? .
It's been freezin the last couple of Sundays , so staying in on the sofa might be the best idea !
Spitalfields market which is in the heart of London's east end, has been all over the place lately they have been doing loads of work , some of the building is listed ,and now they've found big cellars under the floor so the work which has disrupted the whole market is gonna take so much longer.I hope it will get back to it's former glory soon ,there's about 400 small business' relying on it.
so if your around on Sunday it's still a great place to find new designers,vintage and yummy food, say hello to Sarah if you see her xx gayle

Sunday, 17 February 2008

we are proud to announce...

....the arrival on Sunday February 17th, 2008, a new bouncing healthy beautiful blog,...tee he he.. excuse us for being like new parents but this blog has been cooking in the oven for a while now, and its finally here, all sparkly and new and ready to grow into something amazing.
so firstly who are we..well we are me, myself and i, Gayle..hello, and i own this whole thing, its my baby you could say....and my baby is called carry me home.

so carry me home has been around now for quite some years...its the usual story, i started off making things for friends, they loved it, they asked for more and then they asked if i would make for their friends and it was then that i had that light bulb moment and thought i could turn this into something...and here years later i own and manage a mini empire that has a west end London boutique and a blossoming online presence and its here that i sell to customers from around the world my own in house collection alongside many other independent designers, who all make carry me home a unique little box of delights.

we sell clothes for new born babies up to toddler size, we have colorful toys and gifts and decorative products for nurseries as well as pampering products for new mum's. the main collection in the shop is my own, which is also called carry me home, its easily the best seller and its from a small room in the back of the shop where i sit and design and make these baby grows, t-shirts, hats and bibs in a rainbow of colours.

we actively promote other independent designers and sell products that are so limited edition that when they are sold they are not replaceable, many hand made, hand printed and hand embellished items that make us stand out and offer something different but still very wearable. these sit alongside established brands who are a constant backbone of this business.

through this blog we hope to offer a more personal insight into what we do ,what we like and any exciting news we might want to share...carry me home the blog might have just been born..but we are already old beyond our come in, enjoy and have a play.