Saturday, 20 October 2012

rocking all over the world

Here at Carry Me Home we've always had a thing for rock n' roll baby clothes (and toys, bibs, rattles, you name it!). We believe that just because you're small, doesn't mean you're not ultimately a cool, rockin' baby.

And this autumn we've made no exceptions, bringing you some great new clothes and designs (mixed in with some old favourites) for little rockers everywhere.

And we mean everywhere...
Because not only do we have a tradition of loving and selling the coolest, hippest baby clothes around, we've also always been a popular destination for tourists, holiday makers, business people...Carry Me Home has travelled.

In the last few weeks I've had a lady from New York telling me that if Carry Me Home went stateside we'd have queues around the block, and a man from Kuwait, where apparently the shop is famous!

One of our biggest travellers is the classic Rock Baby baby grow (and t-shirt). We've sold lots of these to people who've been visiting London from all over the globe, and also from online customers. This baby has gone far! 

I wonder where some of our brand new rocking outfits will end up calling home?...
I sold one of these I Rock baby grows to a lovely couple visiting from France. They were about to become grandparents. They were so happy and so excited!
Wherever baby lives, they're sure to love mum and dad :)
 These kids rock, all over the world!
If you're one of our overseas customers we'd love to know where Carry Me Home has travelled, so please do get in touch on our facebook or twitter pages. And for all of our home UK customers, we love you just the same :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

days of the week

It all started with a Friday Frill

Then, we had a Saturday Superhero...

And then, we thought why not have a Carry Me Home week?!

Because it's that time of year, when it's getting colder, and we're all catching colds, and it's too far to Christmas to get excited, but we want to be excited about something. So why not Carry Me Home week, where everyday is marked by a special little friend, item of clothing, room decoration or general object of loveliness.

And this is what we bring you...

 Monday- Margot Mouse. Banishing those blue Mondays away with her shy little smile, we're all happy to start the week with this little friend :)
Tuesday- Red Cord Trousers. Brighten up your Autumnal outfit with some brilliant red cords. Comfy, warm and very very fun.
Wednesday-Wallchart (available in pink, cream and blue). Because learning is fun, especially mid-week Wednesday learning.
Thursday- denim tunic. Comfortable, stylish, effortless (looks great with some giraffe tights). Ready for a Thursday play date
Friday- Fox jumper. Because it's nearly the weekend, and fun is to be had, mischief to be made. Friday is Fox day.
Saturday- Stars. Yay it's the weekend! Visiting grandparents? Going to birthday parties? Or just hanging out with mum and dad. Prove to everyone what a little super-star you are.
Sunday- stripes. It's been a busy week. Relax and kick back in some stripes. If you're feeling sleepy and have managed to get all your milk down you, no one will notice!
and if you're feeling confused about this whole days of the week thing, never fear...
EVERYDAY IS A DRESS DAY!!! (especially when they're reversible like these lovelies, you can wear them all week long!)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

colour and shape

Sometimes, being in Carry Me Home is like being in a wonderful picture book, full of beautiful shapes and colours.

Because really, whatever your age, how can you resist an amazing or unusual colour combination, or a funny and fantastic print? Sometimes clothes really can change your mood. I have a favourite red jumper that has a dog print on it. I wear it when I'm nervous, or meeting people for the first time because it is such an ice breaker, it always seems to make people (me included) be happy and relax. How wonderful is that?! I think our baby clothes (such as the moustache baby grow pictured below) have that element of pure, unadulterated loveliness, that makes me appreciate clothes all the more.

I rather think these photos speak for themselves, but just look at the cheeky prints, such as the grey moustache baby grow below. Or how about the handmade, reversible dress pictured above? It's a little bit happy, a little bit arty and a lot of bit cute!

Stars seem to be featuring quite a lot in the shop at the moment, and why not when they're as cute as the navy stars top pictured below? Last weekend we had a customer who bought the baby grow version for 3 different friends who were pregnant...what a magical group of babies they're going to be!

And of course for any wildlife fanatics out there, what would you do without a bird print? I am personally very taken with the (as I've chosen to christen them) 'disco owls', but the roosters seem to have a more knowing, slightly French cool-thing going on (tres chic).

So, put on your favourite print, in a nice happy colour and wear your biggest, bestest smile because colours and shapes are just marvellous :)
(especially at 2.9 Kingly Court, Carry Me Home)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

where the wild things are

I don't know about you, but one of my all time favourite books when I was little was Maurice Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are'. It's both magical and real, it's other-worldly, it's imaginative, scary, exciting and just amazing.

This week we've receieved even more new and exciting things in the shop. Looking at them and enthusing about them to everybody within in a 5-mile radius of Carry Me Home (and on facebook) I realised that everything is fun, cute and stylish, but it is also very practical...perfect for a teddy bears picnic, a walk in the woods, or even an incredible adventure to where the wild things are! With clothes for little ones, practicality must always be taken into account, but we know that doesn't have to mean drab and boring clothes. Just look at these little beauties, and then get yourself out there and play, imagine and have fun, it's what Carry Me Home clothes were designed for!

I'm properly obsessed with these red cord trousers (soon to be online). They seem to go with everything, they're perfectly unisex, they've got a cotton jersey lining (so cosy) and they are amazingly good fun! Pair them with a tux t-shirt for a formal teddy bears picnic, or let the wild things know how cool you are with an I Rock t-shirt (or baby grow). Are you going to be a wizard when you grow up? Better start dressing the part with a navy stars top (or baby grow).

I usually try not to sound too biased about my favourite things in the shop, but with the green/ grey fox jumper I make an exception, because it is THE BEST! Especially when teamed with one of our new reversible body warmers, or some grubbies dungarees.

As Autumn approaches Carry Me Home babies and little ones are ready to go out and have fun!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

new things!

Strange, exciting and amazing things have been occurring at Carry Me Home this week...
yep, it's that time of year, when all of the NEW THINGS!!! begin to arrive. This week alone, we've opened several boxes containing:
and much, much more.

It has been quite overwhelming, this sudden influx of new and lovely things, and we've been doing our best to share our excitement on facebook and twitter. We're glad that so many of you are excited and delighted too!

Lots of things have already been added to the website, such as the navy stars baby grow, and moustache baby grow in pink or grey, the braces baby grow and t-shirt and the mask baby grow (all pictured below), and we're in the process of adding everything else. However, if you see something you like, do call the shop (02074341840) or pop into Kingly Court, as everything is available right away.


I just want to draw your attention to a few of my new favourite things...

The navy stars baby grow: celestial, beautiful, calming, soothing and magical. This would make a great little gift for a new baby as it's not gender specific, and i have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love it!

The pink/ grey moustache baby grows: funny, cute, charming, unique. Never have I wanted a moustache so badly! A baby grow with a sense of humour, if ever there was one!

The superhero mask baby grow and hoodie/ sweatshirt: again, this is cute and sweet, but it also has an extra kind of dressing-up element, which makes it all the more fun, imaginative and playful (the hoodie even has cool monster-like fins on the hood!)

And finally... a few of our old favourites are also now back in stock, like the tie bib and the ever popular 'been inside for 9 months'. Something old, something new! x

Saturday, 8 September 2012

small things are always cute!

If you've read this blog before, or if you're one of our super-lovely facebook fans, you may have noticed that we love taking photos. We just love to document the many cute, funny, and plain wonderful things that happen inside and outside Carry Me Home. So you can imagine how excited were we when our good friends at the Lomography shop, just across the way from Carry Me Home on Newburgh Street, introduced us to their 'baby camera' range.

I hope I wasn't the only one who audibly squealed at the sight of the 'diana baby' and 'fisheye baby'. 
How sweet!
But don't let that fool you, and don't underestimate the power of these little lovelies to take fantastic photographs.
(I'm composing my Christmas list as we speak)

Of course, here at Carry Me Home, we have long valued the phenomena that is known as...'small things are always cute!' mainly because we are surrounded by incredibly small, incredibly cute baby grows, baby bibs, baby dresses, baby toys, baby t-shirts (you get the idea), all for super cute little ladies and little men.

And this blog, we have something small, cute and NEW!!! to share with you. 
Yep, it's that time of year, when the new season stuff starts arriving, and our first are these fabulous dungarees, by a great new brand called 'Grubbies'. Not only is it the bestest name for a kidswear brand, but they're also the perfect baby dungarees, made from super soft denim, right here in good old blighty. They are perfect for little ones to roam and play (and I keep on calling them goodies, because they have a certain 1970s feel about them) and come in all sizes from 0-3m to 12-18m. They'll be online soon, but until then do call or visit the shop, they're worth it!

And remember the golden rule...small things are always cute!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

soho arts fair

Ok, it's Thursday. The inevitable day when that familiar topic is raised...
"So, what are you doing this weekend?"

If you're still not sure what you'll be up to, we've got a rather excellent suggestion for you, especially if you're interested in fashion, dance, painting, drama, mosaics, ceramics, photography and...Soho.

This Friday 24th and Saturday 25th August marks the inaugural Soho Arts Fair, and it's being held right here in our very own Kingly Court!


The Soho Arts Fair  will be a magnificent showcase of young British artistic talent taking place right in the heart of London’s West End. The event is founded by the Art Alive charity, which is based here in Kingly Court (they're Carry Me Home's neighbours!). Their aim is to help children, adolescents and young adults to realise their potential and find their place in society through the use of art.

You can watch a video all about it here:

There will be a number of activities starting from 12pm each day, including free running by Parkour Generations, mosaic and ceramics, photography, dance and drama, street artists and a youth choir. And all events are free!

While you're in Kingly Court enjoying the Soho Arts Fair do pop up and say hello to us here in Carry Me Home, we'd love to see you all down here enjoying and supporting such a worthwhile, fun and creative event.

These cheeky little monkeys are so excited about the Soho Arts Fair, they won't let go of the flyer! Only one more sleep to go, see you all there! :)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

a bib for all seasons

bib. el babero. bavaglino. bavoir. latz

Whatever you call it, they exist in all languages and they're a universal baby gift.
In English, the word 'bib' dates back to 1580, with the word having Latin origins from the word bibere, because it soaked up spills, so it looks like a bib has been the number one baby gift for a while now :)

They're great because they can be worn over clothes, so go with a multitude of outfits, and make even the plainest baby grow more exciting. They're practical and useful. They don't break the bank. 
It's the thoughtful present that doesn't require much thought at all! 

Here at Carry Me Home we sell a nice variety of bibs, from the big, bright, colourful beauty and the bib strawberry, apple and cupcake, to the Carry Me Home favourites, the 'I Love Chocolate, So Does My Mum' and the classic 'Oops' bibs.


We think the loveliness of our bibs speak for themselves. Look at how perfect the pink cupcake bib goes with the cupcake Happy Accidents dress, a match made in heaven!

The chocolate bib is a firm favourite, there are a lot of mums out there who love chocolate (we can think of a few!) and, when they're personalised, they become even more special gifts. 

So pop on a bib and get munching, slurping, stuffing your face full of goodies, because it really is the baby gift that has everything!


Saturday, 11 August 2012

play date

Sometimes, when you least expect it, the Great British weather comes up trumps. It has been lovely having some sunshine for the end of the Olympics, and we're hoping that it lasts all the way through to the Paralympics and beyond!

Because, let's not forget, it is the summer holidays, so it's the perfect time to meet up with friends, go to the park, the pool, the zoo, have a picnic, have an ice cream...have a play date!

And what better outfit could there be for a fun summer play date than a cool summer playsuit? By definition, they're designed for play and to have fun in, especially in the summer months. Carry Me Home are big fans, mainly because play suits always come in soft, cooling, easy to wear cotton, and always with a happy summer prints. They've been incredibly popular in the shop as well, as babies everywhere rejoice the arrival of summer and go out to play!

Below are a few snaps of some of our faves, including the super sweet hawaiian playsuit, and the ruffly cuteness that is the pansy playsuit. The bamboo playsuit combines a bang-on-trend tie-dye print with some serious green, ethical dye production methods, and has just been added to the website too!

Look at these happy Carry Me Homers enjoying their recent play date, hanging out on the grass in the shop window. We can see you smiling Patrick bear, and what about the couple of cheeky Happy Accidents? Having fun with your friends, looking and staying cool,  that's what a play date (and a playsuit!) is all about! (And that lot have certainly achieved it!)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

team gb

 I don't know about you, but here at Carry Me Home, we are in the midst of an Olympic fever!

It's probably because our lovely little shop is located in the heart of Central London, but it seems like every customer we meet is heading to the games, or has a new bit of Olympic news to share, which just makes the whole thing even more exciting!

Of course, we're a little bit biased toward team GB, who as we type are currently third in the medal table. What an amazing achievement this games has been for all of our Olympians!

We thought we'd champion our own team GB right here in the shop, by which I mean showcase some of our products that were 
designed and made right here in Great Britain...

 1. 'Rock Baby' baby grow
All of our Carry Me Home own label baby grows, hats, t-shirts and bibs are made from 100% cotton and manufactured in the UK. The designs are all lovingly made right here in Carry Me Home HQ in Kingly Court, London. And 'Rock Baby' has a union jack design as well, super patriotic :)

2. Thomas Bear
Thomas is just one of the fabulous Carry Me Home bears, which are limited edition, hand made in Yorkshire and come with a special personalised tag. A more special baby gift you could not hope to find.

3. Beau Loves Stripe Playsuit
All 'Beau Loves' garments are manufactured (with love) in the UK. This stripe playsuit is especially cute now that summer has arrived (and no-one can resist the tiny pockets on the bum, they're adorable!)

4. Happy Accidents Dress
Happy Accident dresses, toys and bunting are all handmade by one of our very favourite people, Steven. Now based up North, we are always excited to get a parcel in the post containing a riot of fabrics, colours and prints, lovingly crafted together to create one-off special garments, toys and decorations.

5. Arty and Bella
Handmade in London, Arty and Bella create the sweetest little hair accessories. Simple, cute and beautiful.

So, those are our 5 members of Carry Me Home team GB. Are there any of your favourite Carry Me Home items that we've failed to add? Which item should win a gold medal for cuteness? Do let us know on facebook or twitter, and enjoy the rest of the games :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

carry the olympics!

 Thursday, July 26th 2012. 
This day will go down in history.
Well, because Carry Me Home (represented by the very proud Ella bear) saw the Olympic torch of course!

 Here you can see Ella herself, in amongst the massive crowds of shoppers, Olympic enthusiasts, office workers and passers-by. We're all waiting for the torch with baited breath, lining famous Regent Street in the blistering summer heat.

It was all very exciting, having THE Olympic torch pass so close to Kingly Court and Carry Me Home. All of a sudden London has gained a real sense of anticipation, and there is a lovely, lively atmosphere around the city. Over the last week we've had a fair few customers who've travelled far and wide to be a part of London 2012. From NBC news to American soccer fans, it has been great to meet lots of excited people, and it just makes us get more and more excited!

Which brings me back to the torch...
You see, the thing is, little Ella (yep I'm blaming the bear) got so excited by the prospect of the torch, she didn't manage to take any decent photographs of it. So overwhelmed by the crowds and the anticipation, and being such a little bear, our photos don't actually feature the flame itself (rather just beneath the flame-see the torch bearer in the bottom left segment). 

But I think we've captured a wonderful sense of the occasion, and of just how many people turned out to support the Olympics and join in the fun. 
(Ella's not giving up the day job to become a photographer, she's sticking to being a professional bear)

And it did get us thinking about what would be the perfect, gold medal winning outfit to wear for the Opening Ceremony tomorrow...

1.Medal T-shirt
yep, un-questionably the best t-shirt to wear for the entire length of the games, without taking it off. Ever. It is that good, and that appropriate.

2. Trainer Shoe Socks
Behind every great sportsman/ woman/ baby is some good equipment. Athletes need trainers. Babies need socks.

3. Happy Accidents Dress
Because even though we're supporting everybody, we're supporting team GB first, and this little London dress is a stylish way of flying the flag.

So... let's hope it's a games to remember, we can't wait for the exciting next few weeks to come. Carry Me Home wishes everybody the best of luck, and if you've got tickets to events have a wonderful time! x

p.s. if you have any better photos of the flame when you saw it, we'd love you to post them on our facebook wall!

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Right, it's that time of year again...yep, the summer holidays are just around the corner. 

This year, why not try a new and enriching activity with your children, courtesy of Camelia Chinmayashakti and her lovely Seamandala parties?

I'll admit I was a bit clueless as to what it all involved, but to put it simply...
'More easily recognised in the West as art, mandala making is a fun, relaxing and creative yoga activity for children and adults...designing with natural materials [which] stimulates and allows for a positive, creative experience with colours, textures and aromas.'

'Bringing children closer to nature through yoga and art' 
sounds wonderful, especially to us Londoners. 

Camelia has already held successful events at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, where the children especially loved the 'petal shower' (you can see just how much fun they were having in the photographs below).

They make wonderful, different parties, and since the weather is reportedly going to improve there's no excuse to get out into the summer sun and enjoy making, creating and having fun in a natural setting. Bliss! 

Mention Carry Me Home and get a 20% discount, all details of how to bbok a party are on the seamadala website.

Inspired by the riot of colours and textures experienced in a seamandala party, we looked around our own little Kingly Court boutique, for our own Carry Me Home sensory experience, and here are a few snaps of the colourful clothing and toys we found...

Perfect for playing out in the park, in a field, or on the sofa, we think a bit of Carry Me Home would be the ideal mixture of comfort and colour to wear to a seamandala party. How about a lovely ladybird My Happy Accidents dress, or a bright green Cheeky Little Monkey baby grow, both of which are definitely in tune with nature :)

For your little munchkin, exploring the natural world there can be nothing better than this baby grow, or this lovely mask t-shirt, great for any little nature superhero.

So, may the holidays commence, and instead of being bored on the sofa we hope everybody gets out there and explores the natural world around them. 

Oh, and I wouldn't mind a petal shower either, it looks great!

Friday, 13 July 2012

toy story

 Do you need to buy a gift for a baby or little person that you know?

Are you unsure of what to get? Unsure if they're big or little, tall or short? Unsure exactly how old they are, what size they are or if the British weather necessitates short or long sleeves???

Sometimes, these things can be an absolute nightmare. The choice, the decisions...everything!

Here at Carry Me Home we have a great range of baby and children's clothes and accessories, and we're always happy to help and give a friendly opinion or some advice. But sometimes, you need to think beyond baby grows and bibs and dinky little socks, and enter the world of

The gift of a toy can be the start of a beautiful life long friendship. It can comfort, console, share in the fun and help little ones learn about and explore the exciting world around them. There's no real gender bias with a Happy Accident toy (pictured below), and the textures and colours are so fun and wild they're bound to inspire some amazing pictures and stories! Each one is lovingly handmade and unique, what's not to love?

Whereas with a baby grow or t-shirt  there is an absolute certainty that sometime down the line it won't fit, that's not a consideration with a toy. Our Carry Me Home bears are beautiful, soft towelling teddy bears, each with a unique identification number. They're exclusive to us, so owning one makes you part of an elite special members club! We've sent them all around the world. 
Boo the yellow bear (pictured below) is currently playing with the other toys in the shop...
we wonder where he'll travel to, who'll be his owner and what his forever home will look like.

Toys can be educational (we used the wooden alphabet blocks, currently on sale in the shop, to spell out all of the words in the photos), and they can also be fun. How could you not have fun with one of these new car toys (below)? We've just added them to our website, and we reckon the gift of one of these little motors could start a life long obsession with cars (best warn mum and dad!). 

So, whether it be a cheeky monkey, a little set of hand-painted wooden soldier skittles, a beautiful collectors Whimsy doll fox or baby's first bear, you really can't go wrong with a toy.

That's our little toy story :)