Saturday, 29 September 2012

colour and shape

Sometimes, being in Carry Me Home is like being in a wonderful picture book, full of beautiful shapes and colours.

Because really, whatever your age, how can you resist an amazing or unusual colour combination, or a funny and fantastic print? Sometimes clothes really can change your mood. I have a favourite red jumper that has a dog print on it. I wear it when I'm nervous, or meeting people for the first time because it is such an ice breaker, it always seems to make people (me included) be happy and relax. How wonderful is that?! I think our baby clothes (such as the moustache baby grow pictured below) have that element of pure, unadulterated loveliness, that makes me appreciate clothes all the more.

I rather think these photos speak for themselves, but just look at the cheeky prints, such as the grey moustache baby grow below. Or how about the handmade, reversible dress pictured above? It's a little bit happy, a little bit arty and a lot of bit cute!

Stars seem to be featuring quite a lot in the shop at the moment, and why not when they're as cute as the navy stars top pictured below? Last weekend we had a customer who bought the baby grow version for 3 different friends who were pregnant...what a magical group of babies they're going to be!

And of course for any wildlife fanatics out there, what would you do without a bird print? I am personally very taken with the (as I've chosen to christen them) 'disco owls', but the roosters seem to have a more knowing, slightly French cool-thing going on (tres chic).

So, put on your favourite print, in a nice happy colour and wear your biggest, bestest smile because colours and shapes are just marvellous :)
(especially at 2.9 Kingly Court, Carry Me Home)

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