Sunday, 28 November 2010

Outfit of the week

Hello - hope your all keeping warm! Theres no snow in London yet, but its very cold and frosty! Here are some cosy outfit ideas to warm you up. For girls is one of our new dresses from Steven - its size 6-12 months (but we have other dresses in 1-2 and 2-3 years as well!), its one of my favourites at the moment. I love the heart print on the front, but i love the polka dots on the back even more! Looks cute and colourful with a soft purple lambswool cardigan and Louis the Lion. For boys is our new I Rock jumper. We also have it and black and white stripes, and plain black, but its so cute in blue stripes! Available right up to 3 years. Our guitar rattles are perfect with it, and it goes really well with jeans and a cute cosy stripy hat. Visit our website or come and see us on Carnaby Street for more nice outfit ideas.

Made with love by mrs booth

Look what we've got new in this week! Some lovely gifts by Mrs Booth - just in time for your Christmas shopping! Her lovely illustrations fit in perfectly in our shop. From the top, we've got some lovely posters, shown is the ABC one - we also have 123. We've also got some alphabet charts - available in blue, pink or cream. Each letter has its own cute and quirky picture with it. My favourite is M for mouse! The posters and charts come in lovely little tubes, making them perfect presents. And how cute is the newborn card in the bottom picture? All Mrs Booths products her designed by her in Scotland, and made in the UK. She is inspired by things she loved as a child, and her products explore early reading, writing and counting - and they look super cute too! If you visit this page on her website you can download some free colouring in pictures - they are so cute i might get some for myself! Visit our website or pop in and see us in Kingly Court to see these, and lots more lovely things!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Outfit of the week

This week Ive used some of our lovely new sheepskin accessories in the outfits - very trendy! For boys is our cute fair isle jumper, worn with some stripy trousers (part of set), and some lovely fluffy sheepskin boots and matching hat. Oh and one of Stevens lovely new elephants!

For girls is a really cute red polka dot dress (on reverse - other side is some lovely graphic florals), a cute cream and brown cardigan, and some lovely mini ugg boots and mittens. We have our mittens and boots in 2 different colour ways, and also we have 2 different styles of boots. Check our website for more cute things!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Outfit of the week

I got so carried away blogging about all our lovely new stock last Sunday that i completely forgot to post the outfit of the week photos i had taken! So here they are, better late than never! For boys is our awesome new Louis the Lion grow from Olive and Moss. Love the grey stripes, they go really nicely with our hand knitted blanket. Added a lovely bear hat to keep little ears cosy, and a cool blue guitar rattle. For girls is one of Gayle's cutest designs - 'Daddy's little girl'. The pink looks really nice against the pale turquoisy blue of these little polka dot trousers (part of set), and our cute Margot the mouse toy has the exact shade of pink and blue on it! Clashed with some cute red Mary Jane socks and cosy red cotton blanket. Check our website for more coy outfits. Check back for tomorrows outfit of the week!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Carry me home and the Grazia magazine shopping party

Hi everyone , check out this link ,hope you can make it down to the shopping party if not use the code for 20% offonline ..x
Carry me home and the Grazia magazine shopping party

Sunday, 14 November 2010


We also got some gorgeous dresses this week. They are all reversible and they have extra lovely prints and patterns. My favourites are the red floral one, which has really cute cats and bees and pears on the other side, and the blue jungle animals one which has pretty vintage style florals on the other side. We have dresses from 3-6 months right up to 2-3 years at the moment, and we have everything from Russian dolls, to classic florals, and from cute birds right up to quirky hedgehogs!

Pearls, Tattoos and Rockstars...

These amazing bibs also arrived during the week - I cant decide which is my favourite! You can choose between a sophisticated black bib with a string of pearls, a stripy 'mum and dad' tattoo style bib, or a red bib with 'Its ok, im with the band' on the front in silver - perfect for the budding rockstar! They look good worn with the matching t shirts or grows, but even cuter worn with clashing baby grows as I have shown here. They fasten at the side of the neck with presstuds, making them practical as well as super cute. We have more cute bibs available online.

Lots of lovely new things in the shop!

Starting with some new things from Olive and Moss - meet Hetty the bunny. I LOVE the little rabbit hat that comes with this set! And the little polka dot trousers are so cute! We also got this cute Louis the lion stripy grow to go with the Louis toy and sleeping bag we already have in stock - the matching set would make a really lovely gift.

We have lots more new toys in too - more Louis the lions, Micheal the monkey and Margot the mouse, but they wont stick around for long, they always prove very popular! And if you look at the front of the blue basket you can see some of Stevens very cute elephants. Check our website to see more Olive and Moss outfits and toys.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Grazia magazine

Ooh check us out! We are in this weeks Grazia magazine! Our lovely silver 'Priceless' keepsakes (yes thats right Grazia - keepsakes not keyrings!) are featured on the page about Thursdays Grazia shopping night! Click here to find out more about the evening. There will be 20% off at Carry Me Home, and all the other shops in Kingly Court and on Carnaby Street. The perfect excuse to do some Christmas shopping! See you then :)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Kingly Court

No i didn't forget! I was just waiting till it got dark to show you how nice Kingly Court is at this time of year! This is the view me and Gayle see at work! They are starting to put the decorations up on Carnaby street too, will show you next week. Its been such a busy weekend - i have a little production line going to package all the orders we are getting from our website. As soon as i have finished, another 2 orders come in! We've sold a crazy amount of our wooden soldier skittles, but as Gayle says, crazy is good! Now, I'm about to go home and finish my dreaded dissertation. More news next weekend!

Outfit of the week!

Can you believe we are well into November already? Here are some nice cosy outfits to keep your little ones warm this winter! For boys is our cute braces grow, in 6-12 months. Love the bright vivid red against the grey and blue. And some pale blue socks and hat to keep little man warm, and a Patrick bear to keep him company! Remember Gayle can personalise these little hats with a name or message, and we have our limited edition bears in lots of different colours!

For girls is one of Minimods ever popular dresses. They come as small as 3-6 months, like this one, and go right up to 2-3 years. The bright print on this brown dress looks really good with this purple cardigan from little duckling. And our new cream berry hat matches the trim on the cardigan perfectly! Finished the look of with some little red Mary Jane socks to keep tiny toes warm.

Check our website or come into the shop for more cosy things!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

49 days till Christmas!

So you better get started on your Christmas shopping if you haven't already! Lots of nice pressies on our website, and we've got some cute Christmas things in the shop too! Sorry for the lack of blogging today, but to be honest, Ive just been to busy selling things!

I also forgot my camera, so had to borrow a picture to show you how lovely Kingly Court looks with all the decorations and lights up! I will take some photos tomorrow to show you. The 'roof' is up now too, which means it feels really cosy!

2 more of our Whimsy dolls went to new homes today - all the way to Arizona! We said goodbye to Harry and Lisa Violet, but I'm sure their new owners will be very pleased to meet them soon! Lots of our customers have been picking up little bits and bobs ready for Christmas - i haven't had time to think about Christmas yet myself, as when I'm not in Carry Me Home I'm trying to write my dissertation! Its due in on Monday, so wish me luck! Normal blog service will be up and running after that! x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

About us - Rowenna

My turn! Gayle interviewed me too...

Full Name? - Rowenna Victoria Wilcox

Job title at Carry Me Home? - Sales Assistant and blogger extraordinaire!

Do you prefer tea or coffee? - I used to love tea but recently have become obsessed with really strong coffee.

Favourite Carry Me Home Product? - Its got to be Gayle's "It started with a kiss" baby grow in white, its so cheeky! Im also obsessed with some little green and white stripy trousers from an Olive and Moss gift set.

Favourite colour? - A nice pastelly pinky lilac colour. The colour of my nail varnish!

Guilty pleasure? - Sometimes i hide a bar of chocolate in my bed before i go to sleep so that when i wake up in the morning i can eat it straight away!

What do you do when your not working at Carry Me Home? - Im in my final year of my textiles degree at Chelsea so mostly im either printing, drawing or trying to write my dissertation! If im not at Carry Me Home or uni then im shopping, worrying or travelling to and from uni or Carry Me Home!

Do you have any hobbies? - I love rummaging around car boot sales, charity shops, antique markets and skips. And Grazia.

Tell us an unexpected fact about yourself? - I once won a trophy for being 'best lady driver' in an auto test. I cant actually drive!

What superpower would you like to have? - The ability to function normally without any sleep, i go a bit crazy without my 8 hours a night!

What is your favourite food? - Chocolate. Or most types of cheese.

What was the last book or magazine you read? - I read Grazia magazine yesterday on the train, and i am TRYING to read The Theory of Shopping by Daniel Miller (and failing!)

What are your top 3 things to listen to? - The Specials, Sublime and i am obsessed with Hot Chip at the moment.

What item of clothing couldn't you live without? - Probably my little brown leather satchel which my mum got for me in a charity shop for 50p! Either that or my big baggy polka dot dress i found on ebay.

What was your best charity shop find? - My brown bag (see above) or my little Moschino bag which was only £10! Oh, and my glass dressing table, which was free because i found it in a skip.

Best thing about working at Carry Me Home? - That i get to look at lovely baby stuff all the time without actually having to have a baby!

About Us - Gayle

This morning we have been interviewing each other, so read on to find out a little bit about us! Its Gayle's turn first!

Full Name? - Gayle Ruth Elizabeth Bernadette Haddock

Job title at Carry Me Home? - owner/designer

Do you prefer tea or coffee? - Coffee in the morning to wake me up, tea in the afternoon and coffee in the evenings!

Favourite Carry Me Home Product? - My all time favourite is Patrick, the navy Carry Me Home bear, but at the moment i also love our new little duckling cardies.

Favourite colour? - To wear is Navy, i also love gold and cream together.

Guilty Pleasure? - That i made my boyfriend buy me a pair of red Mellisa Vivienne Westwood shoes, and have never worn them. I just keep them on a shelf to look at. They even came on holiday with me!

What do you do when your not working at Carry Me Home? - Think about Carry Me Home! I also like to spend time at home with my sister, and my boyfriend Dean, go to spinning classes, go out for cheeky mojitos, watch reality TV and look at clothes i want to buy!

Do you have any hobbies? - Crying at reality TV!

Tell us an unexpected fact about yourself? - I used to be a catwalk model on QVC!

What superpower would you like to have? - The one that Mary Poppins has, where you point at things to tidy them up!

What is your favourite food? - I like any kind of cheese and any kind of cake and hot food with coleslaw on the side.

What was the last book or magazine you read? - The last thing i read was the Asos catalogue, but the last book i read was The Russian Concubine.

What are your top 3 things to listen to? - Prince, George Micheal and vocal Happy House music, which is what i dance to when I'm out having cheeky mojitos!

What item of clothing couldn't you live without? - My navy blue cardigan from Zara, and my really expensive leggings from Lytess.

What was your best ever charity shop find? - A Framed picture of Marylin Monroe which i got for £10. Ive never seen it anywhere else so it was a bargain, and it looks great in my living room. And people ask me if its me! Ha ha!

Best thing about working at Carry Me Home? - Selling lovely things to lovely people. I like knowing that ive helped to choose someone a really nice gift for someone.