Saturday, 6 November 2010

49 days till Christmas!

So you better get started on your Christmas shopping if you haven't already! Lots of nice pressies on our website, and we've got some cute Christmas things in the shop too! Sorry for the lack of blogging today, but to be honest, Ive just been to busy selling things!

I also forgot my camera, so had to borrow a picture to show you how lovely Kingly Court looks with all the decorations and lights up! I will take some photos tomorrow to show you. The 'roof' is up now too, which means it feels really cosy!

2 more of our Whimsy dolls went to new homes today - all the way to Arizona! We said goodbye to Harry and Lisa Violet, but I'm sure their new owners will be very pleased to meet them soon! Lots of our customers have been picking up little bits and bobs ready for Christmas - i haven't had time to think about Christmas yet myself, as when I'm not in Carry Me Home I'm trying to write my dissertation! Its due in on Monday, so wish me luck! Normal blog service will be up and running after that! x

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