Wednesday, 3 November 2010

About us - Rowenna

My turn! Gayle interviewed me too...

Full Name? - Rowenna Victoria Wilcox

Job title at Carry Me Home? - Sales Assistant and blogger extraordinaire!

Do you prefer tea or coffee? - I used to love tea but recently have become obsessed with really strong coffee.

Favourite Carry Me Home Product? - Its got to be Gayle's "It started with a kiss" baby grow in white, its so cheeky! Im also obsessed with some little green and white stripy trousers from an Olive and Moss gift set.

Favourite colour? - A nice pastelly pinky lilac colour. The colour of my nail varnish!

Guilty pleasure? - Sometimes i hide a bar of chocolate in my bed before i go to sleep so that when i wake up in the morning i can eat it straight away!

What do you do when your not working at Carry Me Home? - Im in my final year of my textiles degree at Chelsea so mostly im either printing, drawing or trying to write my dissertation! If im not at Carry Me Home or uni then im shopping, worrying or travelling to and from uni or Carry Me Home!

Do you have any hobbies? - I love rummaging around car boot sales, charity shops, antique markets and skips. And Grazia.

Tell us an unexpected fact about yourself? - I once won a trophy for being 'best lady driver' in an auto test. I cant actually drive!

What superpower would you like to have? - The ability to function normally without any sleep, i go a bit crazy without my 8 hours a night!

What is your favourite food? - Chocolate. Or most types of cheese.

What was the last book or magazine you read? - I read Grazia magazine yesterday on the train, and i am TRYING to read The Theory of Shopping by Daniel Miller (and failing!)

What are your top 3 things to listen to? - The Specials, Sublime and i am obsessed with Hot Chip at the moment.

What item of clothing couldn't you live without? - Probably my little brown leather satchel which my mum got for me in a charity shop for 50p! Either that or my big baggy polka dot dress i found on ebay.

What was your best charity shop find? - My brown bag (see above) or my little Moschino bag which was only £10! Oh, and my glass dressing table, which was free because i found it in a skip.

Best thing about working at Carry Me Home? - That i get to look at lovely baby stuff all the time without actually having to have a baby!

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