Wednesday, 3 November 2010

About Us - Gayle

This morning we have been interviewing each other, so read on to find out a little bit about us! Its Gayle's turn first!

Full Name? - Gayle Ruth Elizabeth Bernadette Haddock

Job title at Carry Me Home? - owner/designer

Do you prefer tea or coffee? - Coffee in the morning to wake me up, tea in the afternoon and coffee in the evenings!

Favourite Carry Me Home Product? - My all time favourite is Patrick, the navy Carry Me Home bear, but at the moment i also love our new little duckling cardies.

Favourite colour? - To wear is Navy, i also love gold and cream together.

Guilty Pleasure? - That i made my boyfriend buy me a pair of red Mellisa Vivienne Westwood shoes, and have never worn them. I just keep them on a shelf to look at. They even came on holiday with me!

What do you do when your not working at Carry Me Home? - Think about Carry Me Home! I also like to spend time at home with my sister, and my boyfriend Dean, go to spinning classes, go out for cheeky mojitos, watch reality TV and look at clothes i want to buy!

Do you have any hobbies? - Crying at reality TV!

Tell us an unexpected fact about yourself? - I used to be a catwalk model on QVC!

What superpower would you like to have? - The one that Mary Poppins has, where you point at things to tidy them up!

What is your favourite food? - I like any kind of cheese and any kind of cake and hot food with coleslaw on the side.

What was the last book or magazine you read? - The last thing i read was the Asos catalogue, but the last book i read was The Russian Concubine.

What are your top 3 things to listen to? - Prince, George Micheal and vocal Happy House music, which is what i dance to when I'm out having cheeky mojitos!

What item of clothing couldn't you live without? - My navy blue cardigan from Zara, and my really expensive leggings from Lytess.

What was your best ever charity shop find? - A Framed picture of Marylin Monroe which i got for £10. Ive never seen it anywhere else so it was a bargain, and it looks great in my living room. And people ask me if its me! Ha ha!

Best thing about working at Carry Me Home? - Selling lovely things to lovely people. I like knowing that ive helped to choose someone a really nice gift for someone.

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