Sunday, 25 April 2010

steven loves graphics

hello, Steven here, so I'm a big fat geek when it comes to things with lettering and graphics all over it, give me an old alphabet book and I'm happy, show me a big chunky 3D letter S, and i smile.. and today whilst sat in the shop i realised it is full of letters and fonts, words and text, so out came the camera and here is what i put together.. sometimes all you need is pictures and they speak for themselves..

all the above things can be found either in the shop or on the web... and remember you can put your own words on stuff.. we love to personalise things.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

monty the cat loves us

this week we took a new delivery of goods to one of our favorite shops, Monty the Cat, its in a posh little village called Welwyn, out in hertfordshire.

we have been selling our carry me home collection there for some time now but have never set foot inside, and what a lovely place it is, filled with a mix of gifts, greetings cards and jewellery, and a cute little children's section, where we found our things displayed beautifully.

hope you agree the above pictures show a really cool shop, and if you have a shop and would like to stock the carry me home collection, contact us here, we love selling our things in cute places.. just like monty the cat..

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

meet dylan bear

its not bob dylan, its dylan bear and he is the newest member to the carry me home bear family.. he is chocolate brown and good enough to eat, but much better to cuddle and play with.
and along with his bear friends hes happy as can be..he is numbered and named on his tag, and is guaranteed exclusive to carry me home.

and thay are all now here in the shop waiting for new homes. find them here also in our toy section.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

my favorite things

So seeing Steven had told you about his favourite thing I thought I'd think about what was mine. It does change all the time, its hard when new things come into the shop all the time and sometimes I think is it my favourite thing to sell or actually keep in the shop. But mostly its the things with little characters, that I find the perfect place for them to sit, and look out at people and say" hey look at me I'm so cute, carry me home "
..... And when I wrap them up I say goodbye nice to meet you ..sometimes in my head sometimes out loud. depending on the customer ..
this is chelsea violet. one of my favorites.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

hello mrs magpie

so this week we opened an email that sure did make us smile, its what big celebrities must feel like when they get fan mail.. because a lovely blog called mrs magpie loves us...and told us that we were featured.. look..

please read it here and sure do leave a comment for us.. thanks mrs magpie you made us smile.x