Friday, 13 July 2012

toy story

 Do you need to buy a gift for a baby or little person that you know?

Are you unsure of what to get? Unsure if they're big or little, tall or short? Unsure exactly how old they are, what size they are or if the British weather necessitates short or long sleeves???

Sometimes, these things can be an absolute nightmare. The choice, the decisions...everything!

Here at Carry Me Home we have a great range of baby and children's clothes and accessories, and we're always happy to help and give a friendly opinion or some advice. But sometimes, you need to think beyond baby grows and bibs and dinky little socks, and enter the world of

The gift of a toy can be the start of a beautiful life long friendship. It can comfort, console, share in the fun and help little ones learn about and explore the exciting world around them. There's no real gender bias with a Happy Accident toy (pictured below), and the textures and colours are so fun and wild they're bound to inspire some amazing pictures and stories! Each one is lovingly handmade and unique, what's not to love?

Whereas with a baby grow or t-shirt  there is an absolute certainty that sometime down the line it won't fit, that's not a consideration with a toy. Our Carry Me Home bears are beautiful, soft towelling teddy bears, each with a unique identification number. They're exclusive to us, so owning one makes you part of an elite special members club! We've sent them all around the world. 
Boo the yellow bear (pictured below) is currently playing with the other toys in the shop...
we wonder where he'll travel to, who'll be his owner and what his forever home will look like.

Toys can be educational (we used the wooden alphabet blocks, currently on sale in the shop, to spell out all of the words in the photos), and they can also be fun. How could you not have fun with one of these new car toys (below)? We've just added them to our website, and we reckon the gift of one of these little motors could start a life long obsession with cars (best warn mum and dad!). 

So, whether it be a cheeky monkey, a little set of hand-painted wooden soldier skittles, a beautiful collectors Whimsy doll fox or baby's first bear, you really can't go wrong with a toy.

That's our little toy story :)

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