Saturday, 7 July 2012


High excitement here in Carry Me Home today, as we await tomorrow's Wimbledon Men's Final.
 It has been 74 years since a British man has won Wimbledon, and in that time a lot has happened! We've had 17 prime ministers, won a world cup, and...
Carry Me Home was born!

So, to celebrate Andy Murray's momentous achievement of getting thus far (I hasten to add, he hasn't won it yet!), we thought we'd show you a few baby essentials for a day at Wimbledon (or in front of the telly!). 
And especially for any little lady or little man thinking of playing in years to come, these are for you :)

Firstly, all good tennis players need good footwear, and you can't really go wrong with a pair of Mary Jane or Trainer socks. There are two pairs in each gift box, so you can change mid-way through . And you could always use the box to keep your shiny gold medals in :)

Of course, you can't go to Wimbledon without having some strawberries and cream. Make sure you protect your tennis whites with a lovely big red Strawberry bib.  


One Wimbledon stipulation is the wearing of white, and we've got a few suggestions for that all important outfit...
how about a lovely Angel baby grow, complete with beautiful golden wings on the back? Line decisions are sure to go your way :)
Or, a nice Medal T-shirt, which shows you're confident of winning.

Whatever you wear, and whoever you're supporting we hope you have a fabulous day, and you never know, some history may be made!

P.s. if you have no interest in tennis, all of these outfits are perfect in a non-tennis context too! x

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