Sunday, 17 February 2008

we are proud to announce...

....the arrival on Sunday February 17th, 2008, a new bouncing healthy beautiful blog,...tee he he.. excuse us for being like new parents but this blog has been cooking in the oven for a while now, and its finally here, all sparkly and new and ready to grow into something amazing.
so firstly who are we..well we are me, myself and i, Gayle..hello, and i own this whole thing, its my baby you could say....and my baby is called carry me home.

so carry me home has been around now for quite some years...its the usual story, i started off making things for friends, they loved it, they asked for more and then they asked if i would make for their friends and it was then that i had that light bulb moment and thought i could turn this into something...and here years later i own and manage a mini empire that has a west end London boutique and a blossoming online presence and its here that i sell to customers from around the world my own in house collection alongside many other independent designers, who all make carry me home a unique little box of delights.

we sell clothes for new born babies up to toddler size, we have colorful toys and gifts and decorative products for nurseries as well as pampering products for new mum's. the main collection in the shop is my own, which is also called carry me home, its easily the best seller and its from a small room in the back of the shop where i sit and design and make these baby grows, t-shirts, hats and bibs in a rainbow of colours.

we actively promote other independent designers and sell products that are so limited edition that when they are sold they are not replaceable, many hand made, hand printed and hand embellished items that make us stand out and offer something different but still very wearable. these sit alongside established brands who are a constant backbone of this business.

through this blog we hope to offer a more personal insight into what we do ,what we like and any exciting news we might want to share...carry me home the blog might have just been born..but we are already old beyond our come in, enjoy and have a play.

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