Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Now it's really me ..

Hi there, So no.1 monkey boy Steven is really the one that does all this techno computer stuff ,My Brain doesn't seem to like it . So it's him that usually writes all the blurb about carry me home , but thought it was time I should join in ..
what to say really on my first blog ,,
I'm quite excited this week as I have a new girl Sarah starting,she's going to be doing my stall at London's Spitalfields market.I've had
the stall for about 5 years so thought it was time to let someone else have a go for me , Whoo - ee I get to have Sundays off . what shall i do ? .
It's been freezin the last couple of Sundays , so staying in on the sofa might be the best idea !
Spitalfields market which is in the heart of London's east end, has been all over the place lately they have been doing loads of work , some of the building is listed ,and now they've found big cellars under the floor so the work which has disrupted the whole market is gonna take so much longer.I hope it will get back to it's former glory soon ,there's about 400 small business' relying on it.
so if your around on Sunday it's still a great place to find new designers,vintage and yummy food, say hello to Sarah if you see her xx gayle

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