Saturday, 21 August 2010

Boo Boo - Perfectly Natural Pampering

I posted recently about the lovely Boo Boo products we have in stock quite recently...but now we have even more! There was a delivery during the week of the "Luxury Mummy Spa Kit" (which contains some "Super stretchy miracle oil", a massive bottle of "Mummy silky soft body wash" and some "Bosom buddy - for a perkier pair") - me and Gayle wondered if we could do with some of these products ourselves! We also got "My Little Box of Boo Boos" which is just for babies - it has miniature bottles of "Soft and splashy bubbles", "Kind and creamy baby lotion" and "Very gentle top to toe wash", and also a little pot of the amazing "Baby soothing bottom butter". The little box is so cute, and priced at only £14.95, its the perfect little treat for a new baby. Check our website for Boo Boo products and lots of other lovely things!

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