Saturday, 28 August 2010


These lovely gifts arrived yesterday, from 'Love and Patience'. They make a lovely present for a new baby, a christening or first birthday, or just to let someone know how much you love them! They are available for mums and dads too. Made from sterling silver, they are the perfect little keepsake "A simple gift that says so much more". Inside, the card reads...

"Your story has only just begun...

You'll make us laugh,
you'll make us cry,
you'll smile,
you'll stumble,
you'll fall,
you'll succeed...

...but most of all, you're priceless"

Gayle says she cant read the message in the card for children without welling up! Lots of our customers are looking for a really special gift for babies, not just a cute dress or lovely toy, but something for the child to treasure and hold on to for years...i think this is just right!

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