Thursday, 3 May 2012

Seeing Double

As our facebook fans will know, we discovered this gem of a video on youtube today, which showcases some amazing twin sharing (super cute!).

Watching this got us all teary-eyed, but it also made us think of all of the perfect gifts for twins that we have in our Kingly Court baby boutique, and online.

 Like these fabulous Happy Accident Toys, who just like twins are similar but very different all at the same time.

Or how about one of our own designs, like the ever popular Cheeky Little Monkey or A Star is Born? You could even personalise them to make them that little bit more extra special. 
And for those special occassions, you really can't go wrong with a fantastic tuxedo baby grow or pearls dress. These have both proved so popular for weddings, we've got a pretty impressive waiting list for the black version of the tux!

Of course you don't have to be a twin to enjoy any of these things, but they do look super cute in pairs, and might solve any sharing issues that arise! ;)

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