Saturday, 17 July 2010

Even more dresses!

Stevens dresses are now available in 2 - 3 yrs, these arrived a few days ago. I actually sold 2 of them about 5 minutes ago, but though i would post the photos anyway, i love the fabrics so much! The gentleman who purchased the dresses (the pink one with swans, and the cupcakes) said he had been coming into the shop for about 2 years, and always buys these dresses for his girls. He wondered if we do them in 3 - 4 years (Steven, what do you think?!) as they wash so well, and his daughters love them. Steven left us a lovely thank you on his blog
...have a look!

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  1. thanks rowenna, i could do bigger, need to think about the pattern sizes first though ?.. leave it with me... glad to hear you sold them so quickly.. ill get onto making replacements asap...x