Saturday, 25 September 2010

Back to work!

Back to London and back to work! Sorry about the lack of blogging when i was away - had so many friends to visit and photos to take! So anyway, i went home to Orkney for a week to visit my friends and family. Here a few photos for you - the top one is a lovely view of a misty sunset over Hoy (taken from Orphir), the middle is the village on Stronsay - where i grew up, and the bottom picture is of the cliffs at Birsay. I have to say, im glad to get back to the weather in London, was really cold in Orkney! Lots of lovely new things to share with you - excited to show you all our new stock! Gayle is away on her holiday now, will see if i can get her to share some snaps when she gets back!

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