Sunday, 9 January 2011

Outfit of the week

Wow I've been lazy with the blog recently! What with Christmas and New Year being at the weekend this year we weren't at work on 'Outfit of the week' day. To make up for missing the last 2 Sundays I've worked extra hard on putting these looks together, and i think they're my favourite yet! Normal blogging service now resumed!

For girls is one of Steven's dresses made from my favourite fabric EVER! This is 6-12 months, but we also have it in 1-2 years (and lots of other lovely dresses from 6-12 months right up to 2-3 years). It looks cute layered over this bright yellow long sleeved top, which makes it more practical for winter too. Glammed it up a bit with a pearl bib, and added one of Gayle's Monkey hats to keep little ears cosy. And to finish the outfit off, a pair of super cute socks! These socks come in sets of 6 (for only £14.95 - what a bargain!), all in beautiful colours, and packaged up in a cute box.

And for the boys is one of our most popular baby grows at the moment - organic cotton by Fozia. So cute in navy! This grow is 3-6 months, we also have it in 6-12 months (and it comes in bright pink for girls too!). This little knitted hat with cute ear flaps matches the polka dots, and an apple bib brightens the outfit up. The green socks are similar to the girls socks, in that they come in a set of 6 in a lovely little box. These green ones are the trainer version - for boys we also have cowboy socks and skater socks! The boxes feature really sweet illustrations on the top, making them a really nice little gift.

For more outfit ideas and cute clothes and toys, come and say hello in Kingly Court, or have a look on our website, where you can shop online.

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