Saturday, 14 April 2012


It's all fun and games this weekend at Carry Me Home!

With the excitement that was the Easter holidays drawing to a close we've really been appreciating how much fun all of our wonderful toys are.

We've replenished stocks of the wonderful wooden alphabet blocks, and we've just had a fresh delivery of lovely Olive and Moss rattles. There've been several customers waiting with baited breath for the return of a certain miss margot mouse. Let's just say, she a popular little lady!

For a touch of retro fun you can't go wrong with a classic card game, such as snap or heads and tails. The illustrations are lovely, they really make an excellent little gift.

And...we've also got some lovely new wooden jigsaws, featuring little pink bunnies and yellow birdies. They're a lovely present as once you've finished playing with them they look so sweet sitting on a shelf or a bookcase as decoration.

Let the fun commence! I think I'll start with a game of snap :)

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