Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Power of Making

Last week I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington to see the (free!) exhibition 'Power of Making'. I'd really recommend it to anyone who is interested in how things are made and the skills that are involved in making. It's amazing to see the methods of production and labours of love that are required to craft some of the weird and wonderful creations! The V&A themselves describe the exhibition as a celebration of '...the role of making in our lives...an eclectic collection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects, ranging from a life-size crochet bear to a ceramic eye-patch...'

This of course reminded me of all the lovely made objects in the shop. There are our babygrows, t-shirts and bibs which we lovingly create right here in Kingly Court, London. And who could forget our incredibly popular Carry Me Home bears? They are unique to us, beautifully made and make the best presents ever!

Not only do we make wonderful products, but we find other people who are excellent makers and crafters and sell their lovely wares online and in the shop. It's hard to say no to a My Happy Accident or Minimod toy or dress knowing the care and skill that goes into making them.

In fact, why go to the exhibition at all? The power of making can be found at Carry Me Home!

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