Saturday, 30 October 2010

Love Lane Caravans

So this is where i went for a weekend away recently, and had to share it with you! We stayed in the 50s caravan, which had lots of its original features, beautiful floral wallpaper and bedding, lots of pretty vintage trinkets and oh yeah, ITS PINK! Love Lane Caravans have lots of different vintage caravans to chose from though, and the location is lovely. One of my new favourite places! And its child friendly too, there are swings to play on in the field and nearby is a lovely farm with lots of activities! Ok so maybe i should have waited till next spring to share this (when you can actually go and stay - bit cold in the winter!) but i couldnt wait to post the photos!


  1. this sounds right up my street, when i grow up and get my own house im going to get a caravan and park it at the bottom of my garden and use it as a studio...
    now that i have got a lot of dresses in stock ill make some more elephants this week and send them down...

  2. Me too, getting obssessed with old caravans haha! It will be somewhere to keep all the lovely junk i keep buying! Excellent, your 'A cubes' have been really popular the last few weeks too, everyones looking at them! We only have 1 left!