Sunday, 24 October 2010

Outfit of the week

Wow - its our 100th post on the blog! And also our 10th outfit of the week (or 20th depending how you look at it)! To celebrate Ive done 2 outfits for girls and 2 for boys this week. In true Carry Me Home style, Ive done some extra colourful looks!

The first outfits are for teeny tiny babies - for boys Ive used our cool new tie bib. It looks so cute with these lovely green stripy trousers (part of set) and Gayle's red 'Cheeky Little Monkey' grow (you cant see the writing, but you know the one i mean!). We've got new guitar rattles in stock, and this red and blue one matches perfectly. Also added a blue Benjamin bear and a cosy little knitted hat. What a cute outfit! For girls is this lovely clashing red and pink butterfly baby grow, which is even cuter when worn with a pink cupcake bib, one of Gayle's little hats and some adorable pink Mary Jane socks. A little hand made elephant toy finishes the look of perfectly. The clothes in these outfits are 0-3 months, but we have these in bigger sizes too. And the toys and bibs will do for babies of all ages.

The second lots of outfits are for bigger kids! The boys look is for 2-3 years, some really grown up dark denim jeans, a chunky knit stripy cardigan and this super cool tuxedo t shirt. Added a cute stripy hat (we have loads of different colour ways available) and one of our best sellers - soldier skittles! For girls is one of Stevens dresses - i love this seagull printed one (its 1-2 years, but we have these dresses from 6-12 months right up to 2-3 years). The back is pink and white candy stripes, its so cute! Its reversible too, so you get 2 dresses in 1! It looks cute and colourful with a yellow oops bib and some red leggings. I also added some lovely green cake hair accessories. It would look lovely with these knee high apple socks too!

Remember you can shop online -, or come into the shop in Kingly Court if you want some help choosing nice outfits like these! We've got lots of exciting ideas coming up for the blog so keep checking back (or why not follow us?) to find out more!

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