Saturday, 30 October 2010

Whimsy dolls

Wow its been a busy week for Gayle! Loads more lovely winter stock arrived - including these gorgeous Whimsy dolls, which deserved a post of their own! We've got lots of lovely dolls, blondes, brunettes and red heads! Each one has a different little dress, and they are all named. We've also got some really cute foxes and cats. They are completely unique, and made by hand America - we are the only UK stockists so you wont see them anywhere else! Sam the squirrel has got to be my favourite - just look at that tail (should a buy myself something sensible, like winter shoes, or a cute toy squirrel? Its a close call!)! Gayle sold her favourite one before i even had a chance to take a photo, but she has assured me he went to a good home! Hopefully these will all go to good homes too, so hurry up if you've got your eye on one!

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