Sunday, 5 December 2010


Hello! Sorry for the lack of blogging recently... here are 2 reasons why there hasnt been much news to share. The obvious one, the snow, which im sure has affected everyone this last week. This photo was taken between my house and the train station. Believe it or not there is a road under there somewhere! One night this week, i was stranded in London all night, another day i couldnt get into London at all (which was actually yesterday - sorry Gayle!), and another day it took me 3 hours to get in! Its started to melt now - hopefully it all goes away and then comes back on Christmas morning! I have also been really busy at uni this week, finishing of my project, which is being exhibited in the library at Chelsea College of Art (next to Tate Britain if your passing!). Its all finished now, so for the next few weeks i can concentrate on blogging and Christmas shopping! We have lots of lovely Christmas gifts in store and online at the moment, keep checking back to the blog for a post on stocking fillers!

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