Sunday, 19 December 2010

Outfit of the week

Can you believe its only 6 days till Christmas?! This time next week i will be scoffing chocolates and watching old films on the telly! Anyway, For the girls outfit this week, i had to use one of our new skirts. This is my favourite one, really bright pink. We also have the skirt in a lovely sugary pink, and white too. They are 1-2 years - Perfect for little princesses! Clashed it with a long sleeve tuxedo top for a very smart look, and added one of Stevens brightly coloured brooches too.

A very cool look for the boys. One of our new baby grows from 'Rock your baby' - goes perfectly with an 'I'm with the band' bib and some cute blue socks. We are available for outfit and gift ideas up until Christmas eve so come in and see us in the shop on Carnaby street, or have a look on our website.

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