Thursday, 7 June 2012

baby bauhaus

So, the four day jubilee extravaganza is over...what next? Well, if you're in London, I'd really recommend the 'Bauhaus: Art as Life' exhibition at the Barbican. If you're a fan of Bauhaus style, or if you don't know anything about it, this exhibition provides a vast array of art, furniture, home wares, rugs, you name it, all in the Bauhaus style.
'But what has this got to do with babies?' I hear you ask...well, the Bauhaus school of design married art and craft practise to create fashionable and functional goods for every aspect of our lives, including children! Above you can see a wooden block boat toy, one of numerous toys in the exhibition. 
Fun and function!
 And here at Carry Me Home we also believe that children and babies should be able to look cool and feel comfy all at the same time (never compromise!). Our lovely baby grows are all super fashionable, but also soft, cosy and perfect for all little men and little ladies. For example, how about some rainbow braces, or trendy breton stripes?
 Another strong aspect of the exhibition was typography, and we're also a little bit alphabet partial ourselves :) learn in style with a funky poster, or some wooden letters

We think the Bauhaus would be proud!
Information on the exhibition can be found here,
and (nearly) all of the products can be found on our website here.

And, if you're not keen on the exhibition, don't worry, there's the European Championships, Father's Day and the Olympics coming up to keep you busy! x

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