Thursday, 14 June 2012

daddy cool

Ok, fingers on buzzers, I have a very important question for you...

What is happening this Sunday, 17th June???

(If you're not sure use the pictures below as a clue)...
yes it is Father's Day!!!

Hopefully that didn't come as too much of a shock to you, but if it did, fear not! There is still time to find the perfect gift and card so that you can show your dad some love and appreciation.

Obviously Carry Me Home is the place to shop for all little ladies and little men, and father's day is no exception! The most popular item in the shop and online right now (no prizes for this one), is 'daddy's little girl', which comes as a babygrow and as part of a baby gift set including a hat and a bib. It's a fab way for little girls to let dads know they're number one. There's still time to get a personalised order in, to make this father's day one to remember and cherish.

For boys, the love me hug me kiss me feed me design has been almost as popular, and again a personalisation makes it that extra bit special.

Or, how about spelling it out loud and clear, that you and dad can share a day of 'kisses & hugs & rock n' roll'. Could there be a more perfect way to celebrate with your dad? Just spending some quality time together counts for a lot, so how about whiling away an afternoon playing a fun game of heads & tails? We're sure dads nationwide will appreciate all of the love!

Whatever you get up to we hope you have a smashing day with your dad.

love from carry me home. x

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