Saturday, 23 June 2012


There's always a lot going on in Kingly Court, so we weren't all together too shocked when we saw a life-sized telephone box with a bright illustration of an angry man on the phone (pictured top left in the picture below).

And the more we walked around the streets surrounding Carry Me Home, the more telephone boxes we found, each decorated differently.

We were intrigued! Using the number one detective tool (Google), we set about trying to find out what these boxes are all about, and here's what we found...

 "The good old British phone box was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate King George V's Silver Jubilee.
This year we’ve got a Diamond Jubilee and London 2012 to look forward to, so we decided we needed to do something to celebrate.

That something turned into BT ArtBox.

It’s a campaign that thrives on the nation’s artistic talent.
Across London’s streets you’ll find replicas of the Gilbert Scott phone box, transformed by the imaginations of some of our very best creative minds.

Then later on we’ll be auctioning all the boxes off to raise money for ChildLine’s 25th anniversary."

Which is all pretty impressive, isn't it? What a wonderful idea, supporting a cause like Childline, whilst also celebrating a Great British Icon, in this very British of years, 2012.
You can read more about the project here:

And this also got us thinking about our very own Carry Me Home icons.

They're the products that are always popular, whether they're new additions or old favourites, these products have a certain Britishness to them, and they just scream Carry Me Home!

Like the iconic London Bus Lights, pictured above, which have reminded many a young visitor of their first trip to London! Or how about the pop-up soldiers next top them? They're a new addition to Carry Me Home, but we thought they were too cute to miss, and since the Soldier Skittles (below) have been a long-standing favourite (especially around Christmas time?!) we thought they'd look perfect in the shop!

We've just received a new delivery of the Tuxedo Baby Grow, and as usual they are selling like hot cakes. There can't be many baby grows that have a waiting list as long as your arm! It seems to be THE essential baby wear for special occasions (weddings at the moment!)

And, who could forget the classic Rock Baby? The number one choice at our market stall in London's Old Spitalfields market, and a perfect little London gift to take home and share.

Well, those are our choices for Carry Me Home icons, but what do you think? 

Do let us know if you have anything you think should be added to the list, like a favourite baby grow, bib or toy that reminds you of  
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